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FREE Book! The Sales Funnel Book

How To Multiply Your Business With Marketing Automation

Get My FREE Copy Of The Sales Funnel Book!

FREE Book! The Sales Funnel Book

How To Multiply Your Business With Marketing Automation

Get My FREE Copy Of The Sales Funnel Book!

The Sales Funnel Book

The Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy

You’ve likely seen the phrase “sales funnel” quite a few times in the last year or two because it’s been blowing up!

Sales funnels are on the rise with businesses and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes talking about them.

Ecommerce stores, coaches & consultants, digital products businesses, and even brick & mortar stores that are implementing them.

But, what are they?

And, more importantly, how can you effectively implement them into your business?

The Sales Funnel Book teaches the “Interest Driven” strategy to help you plan, build, and implement sales funnels that automatically mold to your subscribers, leads, and customers – allowing you to better relate and sell more!

Get My FREE Copy Of The Sales Funnel Book!

Here Are Just A Few Things You'll Learn In This FREE Book...

  • How to "see" your sales funnels and how they work with your business. Hint: they fit everywhere! (pg. 1)

  • The Interest Driven Sales Funnel model that will reshape how you think about your marketing. This model automatically molds to your audience so you can better relate and sell more! (pg. 6)

  • Why building a modular sales funnel makes your entire system plug & play, allowing it to expand as you do! (pg. 7)

  • The timelessness of the system. This strategy pre-dates the Internet and will exist after it ceases to exist. Yes, it's way more than just sending some emails! (pg. 8)

  • What "old folks" have to do with your sales funnels. (pg. 9)

  • 4 elite patterns for the "Main Series" - the engagements responsible for building and maintaining relationships while simultaneously gauging interest! (pg. 14)

  • The 3 E Emails (Entertain, Educate, and Earn). When should you send which? How should they be used? Can you use more than one at a given time? (pg. 18)

  • The Weekly "Pushes" framework that simplifies the content you present your list. All you need to do is follow the pattern and let it do its thing! (pg. 22)

  • The Story-Based Series that "hooks" your subscribers in and keeps them excited about what's next! (pg. 23)

  • The "Long Course" framework that's perfect for businesses that want to convert their audience to their way of thinking! (pg. 25)

  • What Micro Sales Funnels are, how people enter them (there are at least 7 ways to get people in!), and what to do with people once they've gone through! (pg. 29)

  • The "Simplest" Sales Funnel you have ever seen and how it increased engagement by over 632%! (pg. 33)

  • The "Classic" Sales Funnel, how McDonald's built their empire on it, and how you can use it in your business! (pg. 35)

  • The Product Launch or Video Funnel that gets people excited to buy your stuff ... and how to structure it for maximum effectiveness! (pg. 42)

All that and it's not even the first half of the book! I have yet to mention webinar funnels, call/application funnels, the other "guru" funnels and how you can (and should) use them, combining funnels, creating all the content these babies need, copywriting formulas and how to use them to structure your content, filling your sales funnels, pre-written emails, value ladder development so you sell the right things at the right times, and oh ... so much more!

Get My FREE Copy Of The Sales Funnel Book!


Get My FREE Copy Of The Sales Funnel Book!

Why I Want You To Have This FREE Book

I want you to "see" sales funnels the same way I do because I know it will change the way you think and operate your business for the better!

These concepts have literally been life changing for me and others and I want to share them with you.

Of course, my hopes are you'll see how awesome this book is and want to buy things from me in the future 😉

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