About Crazy Eye Marketing

Crazy Eye Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs plan, build, and optimize sales funnels.

Crazy Eye Marketing was founded in 2014 by Nathan Williams after spending two years trying any and every digital marketing strategy, tactic, and hack that promised to multiply his business.

Nathan found, that by merging core business fundamentals, like list building, with the marketing automation tools of today, small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to multiply their business in an automated, relatively hands off, manner.

After coming to this realization and understanding how to apply it, Nathan began sharing his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs.

Crazy Eye Marketing was born to help educate and service small businesses and entrepreneurs on rock solid digital marketing strategy and tactics.

Crazy Eye Marketing now…

  • Manages three “house” brands that sell everything from physical to digital products, to services, to coaching & consulting
  • Serves dozens of clients from an array of both online and offline businesses including ecommerce, info/digital products, coaching & consulting, and service-based businesses such as lawyers, dentists, and financial planners
  • Helps educate over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs on digital marketing and sales funnels

Our Mission

Our mission at Crazy Eye Marketing is to ensure small business owners and entrepreneurs aren't diagnosed with shiny object syndrome and instead focus on the three core marketing areas that multiply business: Lead Generation, Converting Leads Into Customers, and Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value … all with the help of marketing automation tools.

What We Offer

The Blog

If you're new to sales funnels and digital marketing in general, the blog, and more specifically, this post is the best place to start. We hold nothing back on the blog. It's here to serve you while showing you what we can do.

The Sales Funnel Training Vault

The Sales Funnel Training Vault is for the DIYers who want to plan, build, and optimize sales funnels without becoming overwhelmed by all the shiny objects on the web today.

The Vault teaches the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy, adaptable sales funnels that mold to your subscribers' interests allowing you to better relate and sell more.

Sales Funnel Services

We offer Sales Funnel Services to small businesses and entrepreneurs that know they need a sales funnel, but don't have the time or technical know-how to do it themselves.

Sales Funnel & Digital Marketing Consulting

We offer Sales Funnel Consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs that are are working hard to build sales funnels and improve their digital marketing efforts, but want to streamline the process by talking to an expert along the way.