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What If You Had A Machine That Produced $10/Day On Autopilot?

That's $300/month.

Sure, it's probably not "life changing" money, but who wouldn't take an extra $300/month?

That's a car payment, a couple date nights with your significant other, savings for your kids' schooling or your retirement, etc.

To build a machine that makes $10 a day sounds pretty reasonable, right?

It's just $10.

You can make that by waving a sign on a street corner, asking people for money.

Too easy, right?

Sure, there's a little bit of a learning curve and you might fail a few times at first, but...

There's absolutely no reason why you couldn't make a machine that makes $10 a day.

So, let's say you figure out how to make one machine that produces $10/day... don't you think you could probably make another one? And another? And another?

What if you made 10 machines that each produced $10/day? That's $3,000/month. For most people, this IS life changing money.

Now, what if your machines started producing $20/day?

I mean... you got it to make $10... why couldn't you get it to make $20?

There's no real reason why you couldn't, right? $20 is still kinda like "chump change" in the grand scheme of things.

But, when you have a portfolio of machines... some producing $10/day, others producing $100+/day... you're getting into "game changer" territory.

And it all starts with that first machine that produces a very reasonable and realistic, $10/day.

"Machine" = Micro Sales Funnel

If you haven't figured it out yet, the "machines" I'm referring to are Micro Sales Funnels.

What's a Micro Sales Funnel?

A series of web pages that come in all shapes and sizes depending upon what you're trying to sell.

Here are a few Micro Sales Funnel models that may look familiar:

Front End or "Classic" Sales Funnels

These funnels are typically used to sell physical and/or digital products ranging from $0 to about $300.

They feature 1-click upsells and downsells in order to increase average order size with ease.

Evergreen Webinar Sales Funnels

These funnels are typically used to sell digital products, coaching, consulting, and services ranging from $300 to about $2,500.

They're designed to provide your visitors a more in-depth view of the product/service you're offering so they can make an educated decision about buying what you're offering.

High End Sales Funnels

These funnels are typically used to sell high end coaching, consulting, services, and masterminds starting around $2,500.

They're designed to qualify leads and prospects and then get them to schedule a call or apply to work with you.

Other Micro Sales Funnel Models

Of course, there are other Micro Sales Funnel models like Lead Gen Funnels, Product Launch Funnels, Bridge Funnels, and many others...

There's a Micro Sales Funnel for EVERY situation.

And, it comes down to getting one of them to make you $10/day... then another, and another, and another.

7 Figure Micro Sales Funnels

$10/day is the initial goal, but it's certainly not the limit.

Over 200 people with standalone Micro Sales Funnels have produced over $1,000,000.

Sure, they're the top 1% of earners, but remember... they started somewhere too!

You can check them out at

What The Sales Funnel Training Vault Will Teach You...

How To Build Adaptable Sales Funnels That Mold To Your Audience's Interests So You Can Better Relate And Sell More.

This is accomplished by teaching you The Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy, a proven sales funnel strategy over five years in the making.

To keep it simple, this strategy works by "watching" how your audience interacts with your engagements (emails, ads, site, text messages, etc.) and then placing them in one of your Micro Sales Funnels that most closely relates to their interests... and, since you're relating to your audience, they're more likely to convert.

Eventually, you wind up with a bunch of Micro Sales Funnels (machines) that are producing $10+/day... all interconnected with marketing automation and retargeting ads...

And, you're running a successful business!

What You Get When You Join The Vault

The Strategy

First and foremost, The Vault is going to teach you the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy. (how to build sales funnels that mold to your subscribers interest so you can better relate and sell more)

To help you understand this strategy I'm going to give you these two ebooks:

  • High Level Digital Strategy For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs - This book is Digital Marketing 101. While it's designed for the "newer" digital marketer and outlines strategies on traffic generation, lead capture, marketing automation, retargeting, POS optimization, and Micro Sales Funnels... it serves as a great reminder and starting point for more experienced digital marketers as well! (Includes video version too).

  • The Sales Funnel Book - A deep dive into the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy (the ultimate Macro Sales Funnel Strategy). You will learn about the Main Series and different structures for it, Micro Sales Funnels for both digital and physical products, services, lead generation, Value Ladders, Funnel Filling Strategies, and more! This book is your guide to sales funnel success!

The Tactics & Technical

Once you've nailed down the strategy, it's time to focus on implementation!

For this, we focus on three tools that make...

The Ultimate Marketing Stack


While there are a million and one ways to drive traffic to your business, one of the best ways is with Facebook Ads.

When you join The Vault, you will gain instant access to our How To Generate Leads And Sales With Facebook Ads course.

In this course you will learn how to drive new traffic into your Interest Driven Sales Funnel and how to retarget those already in it so you can continue to move people through your funnel.

Marketing automation is an integral part of both your Macro and Micro sales funnels. Without it, moving people along is very hard.

The best marketing automation tool for the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy is ActiveCampaign.

When you join The Vault, you will gain instant access to our ActiveCampaign & Interest Driven Sales Funnels course.

In this course you will learn how to develop advanced automations for both Macro and Micro sales funnels following the proven Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy.


To complete the Ultimate Marketing Stack, you need a tool to build Micro sales funnels with ease...

Hands down, the best tool available for building Micro sales funnels is ClickFunnels.

When you join The Vault, you will gain instant access to The Ultimate ClickFunnels Training Course.

In this course you will learn how to build Micro sales funnels to sell both digital & physical products, coaching, consulting, services, and drive leads via "Classic" Sales Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Product Launch Funnels, High-End Funnels, and more.

Every month, we launch 3-5 brand new sales funnels that you can add to your ClickFunnels account with 1 click!

This membership on its own costs $27/mo; however, you get FREE access when you join The Vault!

Learn more about The Sales Funnel Club!

The Support

As with most advanced trainings and systems - questions will arise, platforms will be updated, and things will change...

We know this, and you will never be "alone" when you're in The Vault!

Premium Support

Have a question? Struggling to make something work?

We have a Private Facebook Group where you can send in your questions and get an answer within 24 hours!

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you join The Vault and don't like what you see, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

No questions asked!

A Quick Tour Of The Vault


Course: The AliExpress Sales Funnel

A Step-By-Step Course That Teaches You How To Take Advantage Of AliExpress Dropshipping via Sales Funnels!

  • The Strategy And Tactics: Get the "big idea", how to find your niche, how to find great initial products and high converting OTOs, the funnel flow, and so much more!

  • Get The Funnel: Add our proven AliExpress funnel straight into your ClickFunnels account with 1-click!

  • Watch Me Set It Up: The video training includes an "over the shoulder" view as I walk you step-by-step through how to setup the entire AliExpress sales funnel from scratch! Nothing is left out!

Course: The Shopify Sales Funnel

A Step-By-Step Course That Teaches You How To Take Build A High Converting Sales Funnel For Your Shopify Store!

  • The Strategy And Tactics: Get the strategy, tips, and tricks for creating a high converting sales funnel for your Shopify store!

  • Get The Funnel: Add our proven Shopify sales funnel straight into your ClickFunnels account with 1-click!

  • Watch Me Set It Up: The video training includes an "over the shoulder" view as I walk you step-by-step through how to setup the entire Shopify sales funnel from scratch! Nothing is left out!

Course: The 2-Step Lead Gen Funnel

A Step-By-Step Course That Teaches Brick & Mortar Businesses How To Generate Leads!

  • Funnel Setup: How to set the funnel up inside of ClickFunnels. It's super easy because you can add our funnel to your account with just 1-click, swap out some images, text, and colors and you're done!

  • Lead Tracking: Connect your funnel to a tracker so you can easily see your leads and follow up with them accordingly!

  • Marketing Automation: Automatically send emails and text to your leads to try and get them to come to you!

  • Facebook Ads: How to properly setup your Facebook Ad campaign to automatically optimize for lead generation!

Course: How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel

A Step-By-Step Course That Will Turn Your Sales Funnel Into A Lean, Mean, Sales Generating Machine!

  • Overall Concept Of Sales Funnel Optimization: A/B testing, statistical significance, the "top down approach", how to fix weak links, and THE key metric you must keep an eye on.

  • Tracking: Why what you "think" is likely wrong, Google Analtyics, removing referrer spam, ecommerce and goal tracking, and the Inbound Link Generator tool.

  • Ad Optimization: Tracking both free & paid traffic, ad variables, "test small, then scale" strategy, auto optimization, and why you should stick with 1 or 2 advertising platforms.

  • Page Optimization: How many CTAs you should have, 8 key areas to test, why pages are easier than ads, how to know when you have a winner, and Optimizely.

  • Email Optimization: The elements that matter, how to pinpoint weak emails with the Automation Optimization Tracker, split testing automations and campaigns, and link tracking done right.

Resource: 28 "Fill-In-The-Blank" Emails

9 Pre-Written Autoresponder Email Series That Will Save You Heaps Of Time!

  • Welcome Series - 3 Emails - Deliver your lead magnet to new subscribers and introduce them to you / your business | Set expectations for your list

  • Action Series: Before-After-Bridge - 3 Emails - Sell a product/service
  • Action Series: Problem-Agitate-Solve - 3 Emails - Sell a product/service

  • Action Series: Features-Advantages-Benefits - 3 Emails - Sell a product/service

  • Action Series: Me-Start-Shortcut - 3 Emails - Sell a product/service
  • Upsell Series: Bigger Products - 3 Emails - Sell a "bigger" product/service than the one you just sold

  • Upsell Series: Complementary Products - 3 Emails - Sell complementary products/services for the product/service you just sold

  • Cart Abandonment Series - 3 Emails - Get people that added a product to their shopping cart, but forgot to checkout, to checkout
  • Re-Engagement Series - 4 Emails - "Re-activate" or delete inactive subscribers

Course: How To Create Great Lead Magnets

Learn How To Create Lead Magnets That Sell Products While Growing Your List!

  • Section 1: Introduction - We lay the foundation required to plan, develop, and launch a killer lead magnet strategy that'll produce sales and grow your email list.

  • Section 2: Brainstorming & Planning - We walkthrough the who, what, when, where, why, and how you should use your various lead magnets to achieve your goals. We uncover several questions you need to ask yourself and come up with a plan for development.
  • Section 3: Development - We walkthrough the actual development of your lead magnets. What tools you can use and how to turn them into reality.

  • Section 4: Launch - We walkthrough the launch of implementation process and uncover several tools to make your life easier.

Who This Is/Isn't For

So, who is The Vault for?

Any entrepreneur and small business owner that wants to multiply their business with the help of marketing automation.

This includes:

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Info/digital product sellers
  • Coaches & consultants
  • Brick & mortar stores
  • SaaS
  • Network marketers

To put it plainly, if you have an audience, good offers (products/services), and you want to harness the power of the technologies available to multiply your business ... The Vault Will WILL work for you.

The training and resources inside The Vault have helped ecommerce stores and physical products sellers that sell everything from antiques, to survival gear, to pet supplies, to scissors for left-handed people ...

... it has helped life coaches, weight loss doctors, guitar teachers, website designers, financial advisors, lawyers, dentists, hypnotherapists, and everyone in between sell digital products, services, coaching, and drive foot traffic to physical locations ...

... finally, it has helped SaaS companies better qualify leads and land more clients ...

I say again, if you have an audience and something good to offer them, The Vault WILL work for you.

Is The Vault newbie friendly?

The Vault is awesome if you already have a business because you can quickly apply what you learn to begin multiplying your business with the help of marketing automation and sales funnels.

However, what if you don't have a business yet? Should you still join The Vault?


Inside The Vault, there's training on how to create digital products quickly as well as dropshipping physical products so you can start a business today!

If you're just getting started with digital marketing and want to make sure you're doing things "right", The Vault WILL work for you.

The Vault isn't for ...

The Vault isn't for people that want to get rich quick, don't want to build a business, and don't respect customers, products, or the process.

Basically, it isn't for people looking to make money without trying.

It's going to take hard work. It's going to take time. It's going to take effort. (as does any sustainable business)


There are a few things you will need in order to find success with The Vault:

  • Patience - you will not get through all the training and resources in one day. Some of these strategies and technologies are quite advanced and will take a bit of time to fully master. But, when you do master them - they are all you will need to multiply your business with marketing automation.
  • ClickFunnels - you will need a ClickFunnels account. The $97/mo package is all you need.
  • ActiveCampaign - you will need an ActiveCampaign account. The Lite plan ($9+/mo) is all you need.
  • Zapier - you may need a Zapier account. It's free up to a certain level, at which point, it will pay for itself.

There are a few other tools and resources used in the training; however, they have no costs associated with them.

What People Are Saying...

Intuitive, well prepared and easy to follow. Nathan does a great job taking showing the concept along with practical examples and provides answers to questions he anticipates might be asked.

James McCracken

Very valuable, easy understanding & practical. Love all Nathan's courses.

An Nguyen

Good clear info - fast paced and no time wasted. Thanks! 🙂

Patrick Dague

This course is ground breaking!!! I haven't come across with other course that take you by the hand step by step. I highly recommend it!!!

Mario Fernandez

The best training on how to setup marketing automation and how to setup a killer profit generating sales funnel using Active Campaign. This training is better than the sales funnel trainings in $1000s worth of courses on the internet. Definitely a 5 star. Keep up the good work bro.


This course is amazing. The information was clear and given step-by-step. It's like being taken by the hand, which is highly sought after when having minimal knowledge on any given subject. I recommend this course to anyone trying to profit from a niche based perspective. I highly recommend this course!

Charles Thomas

Nathan has taken what seems like a complicated system and broke it down into easy to follow steps. Thanks Nathan!

Stephen T

Nathan, I have never seen someone that passionate about teaching and providing such an amazing value. I bought your course yesterday and wished I would have done that earlier. What an amazing value!


Hey boss, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! You literally have been a godsend. I quickly realized how little people genuinely want to share with you about what they've learned. With you it has been the complete opposite.

David Marcel

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Course: ActiveCampaign & Interest Driven Sales Funnels $97
Course: The Ultimate ClickFunnels Training Course $97
Course: How To Build Digital Products Quickly $47
Membership: The Sales Funnel Club $27/mo
Course: The AliExpress Sales Funnel (limited time!) $47
Course: The Shopify Sales Funnel (limited time!) $47
Course: The 2-Step Lead Gen Funnel (limited time!) $47
Course: How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel (limited time!) $47
Resource: 28 "Fill-In-The-Blank" (limited time!) $47
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Personally, I have about 11 monthly subscriptions for marketing and business related "stuff" and it gets overwhelming. I always wish there was the option to convert to lifetime membership on more products, alas, there's not - but, I figured I could still offer it!

Anyway, if you don't want to stay 4 months, that's no problem either. You may cancel anytime before the 4 month period without any hassle!

Cool, right?!


I can't guarantee your results because they are dependent upon how well you execute.

All the training and resources are available for you to be successful; however, if you don't take in the information, study it, and put it into action... well, yeah... you're not going to be successful.

YOU dictate your results. I give you what you need to make them happen.