This Facebook Ads strategy is awesome because it can reduce customer acquisition cost by a metric ton!

Here's a campaign where we send traffic directly to a free + shipping book offer:

It costs us $16.63 to give away a free book following the direct approach. (if you're wondering, yes – we're profitable at that cost)

Now, once we employed the strategy I'm going to teach you in this post, we were able to drop our costs to…

Yup, $7.84!

That's a 52.8% decrease in customer acquisition cost!

And once we dial in ‘Days 7-9' a bit more, the cost should decrease even more!

Enough small talk, it's time to dive into how you can do this too!

Advanced Facebook Video Ads Retargeting Strategy

To execute this strategy properly, you need 2 or 3 videos.

These videos can be someone talking to a camera, B-roll with a voice-over or text, or a combination. Any video style can work, just keep your audience in mind… what type of videos do they like to watch?

These videos should be as long as is necessary and not a second longer. This could mean 30 seconds or maybe 8 minutes. This means no fancy logo intro or outro. Go straight into it. Get your message across and get out. People don't have time for fluff.

Your Videos Will Form A Funnel

Think of your Facebook Video Ads like a funnel…

Advanced Facebook Video Ads Retargeting Strategy - Funnel

People go in the top and come out the bottom as a paying customer.

  • TOF = Top Of Funnel
  • MOF = Middle Of Funnel
  • BOF = Bottom Of Funnel

TOF: Viral Video

This video serves as the entry point to the rest of your funnel, so it has to be good.

When I say “viral”, I don't mean 1,000,000+ view viral like the Squatty Potty video… I simply mean that it connects well with your intended audience.

Here are a few goals to shoot for on this TOF video:

  • Goal #1: Be entertaining/interesting AF (as fudge)
    • Top 3, 5, 7, 10 lists work well
    • Quick tips, tricks, or hacks also work well
  • Goal #2: Gauge topic interest
    • You need to find out who is actually interested in your topic and willing to spend at least 30 seconds watching a video about it
  • Goal #3: Ad relevance score of 9-10
    • After your ad has 500 impressions, Facebook will report a “Relevance Score” and you want yours to be a 9 or 10. By having a high relevance score, you'll be able to reach more people for less money… ie. a lower CPM (cost per thousand)
    • Note: Although Facebook reports the relevance score after 500 impressions, wait until you have 2,000+. If your relevance score isn't a 9 or 10, try different targeting options and/or create a new video
  • Goal #4: Subtly introduce your brand/company
    • You can introduce your brand/company in this video, but it has to be subtle

Example Ad Copy

Key Facebook Ad Settings

  • If you are including a link in your ad description or as a button, set your campaign objective to “Traffic”
  • If you do not have a link, set your campaign objective to “Engagement”
  • Why not “Video Views”? You can try this campaign objective; however, I haven't had good luck with it. My assumption is that these viewers aren't really paying attention to what they're watching and are un-engaged. Thus, while they're cheap views, they're also low quality

MOF: Product Intro

In this video, you will introduce your product/service to the audience that watched a percentage of your TOF video.

For the percentages, I typically choose 50%, unless it's really short (~30 sec) or really long (6+ min), then I'll do 75% and 25% respectively.

A couple video types that work well here are:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Customer testimonials

In this video, I recommend soft-selling the product/service… basically, tell them where to go if they want to learn more.

Example Ad Copy

Key Facebook Ad Settings

  • Set this campaign objective for conversions and focus on purchases.

BOF: Pitch

This video is optional.

If your TOF video does its job and only attracts people interested in your topic and if your MOF video does it's job of introducing and soft-selling your product/service – you might not need a BOF video.

You will show this video to the audience that watched a percentage of your MOF video. (same percentages as outlined above)

So, the people watching your BOF video have seen your TOF video AND your MOF video…  they know who you are and what you're offering. It's time to be direct.

In this video, you will tell them your offer, why they should act now (scarcity), and where to go to get it.

Example Ad Copy

Key Facebook Ad Settings

  • Set this campaign objective for conversions and focus on purchases.

How To Set It Up In Facebook Ads Manager