We recently had the privilege of helping a client conduct a 5 day challenge and product launch which produced over $20,000!

While I can't go into specifics here, I'm going to do my best to provide you with actionable takeaways so you can hopefully produce similar (or better) results!

First Things To Note

It needs to be made clear that our client, we'll call her Sara, has a great offer… it's something people want.

Also, she's very charismatic – which is essentially a requirement for this particular strategy.

So, if you have a great offer and are very charismatic… this strategy may be right up your alley!

If you don't have a good offer… you probably shouldn't be selling it in the first place…

However, if you aren't very charismatic – this might not be the best strategy for you, but reading this case study may give you some ideas to produce something similar.

The 5 Day Challenge

Sara came to us with an idea, she wanted to conduct a 5 day challenge which culminated in the selling of two similar, but different digital training products she sells. One is “basic” and sells for £79 ($102.57) while the other is “advanced” and sells for £149 ($193.45).

The challenge was to stop a bad habit for 5 days, “The 5 Day [bad habit name] Free Challenge!”

Over the course of a few days, we molded this idea into a plan…

Pre-Challenge: 8 Days Of Lead Generation

We setup a 2-step lead gen funnel and she filmed a 90 second clip talking about the challenge which we used as a Facebook ad.

The goal of this campaign was to grow her email list, develop her retargeting audience, get people to like her page, and to get people into her challenge specific Facebook Group.

Then, for a week before the start of the challenge and for a few hours the day of… we set it live:

Over the 8 days, we spent £1,400.55 ($1,818.33) which generated 4,231 leads at £0.33 ($0.43) a pop.

Our spend looked like this:

  • Day 1: £8.66 ($11.24)
  • Day 2: £20.10 ($26.08)
  • Day 3: £57.12 ($74.12)
  • Day 4: £125.27 ($162.62)
  • Day 5: £251.96 ($326.93)
  • Day 6: £310.70 ($403.34)
  • Day 7: £521.04 ($676.08)
  • Day 8: £105.70 ($137.21)

During Challenge: 5 Days Of Live Streams & Retargeting

The 5 Day Challenge ran Monday-Friday and during it, she sent a daily email at 8am that alerted people of what was to come on that day's live stream. She then performed a live stream at noon which typically lasted 30 minutes.

During the live stream, she taught helpful tips and tricks, did Q&A, and simply chatted with everyone who showed up.

Immediately after her live stream ended, we boosted the video in front of everyone that opted into the 5 day challenge to ensure as many people as possible saw the live stream video… keeping Sara at the forefront of their mind!

We spent £50.00 ($64.91) for each boost which produced these results:

The Cart Opening: 5 Days Of “Selling”

Six hours after her Day 5 Live Stream, she opened the cart (started to sell her product) with an email to all 4,231 leads and a message to her challenge specific Facebook Group.

Simultaneously, we launched ads announcing the cart opening to all of her leads.

The cart stayed open for 5 days.

During this time, she sent a daily email or two and conducted a live Q&A session:

  • Day 1: Link to challenge recap page (people could re-watch all the live stream videos) and the sales page for her two products
  • Day 2: Client success story and also did live Q&A
  • Day 3: Common myths dispelled (handled objections)
  • Day 4: Answered the question “Can I really do this?”
  • Day 5a: Cart closes tonight!
  • Day 5b: Last chance!

The Results

At the end of the day, this is what happened:

  • We spent £1,792.28 ($2,325.57)  on ads
  • 4,231 email subscribers were added to Sara's list
  • 467 new page likes were added to her Facebook Page
  • 786 individuals joined her challenge specific Facebook Group
  • £15,610 ($20,254.76) in revenue was generated!

All told, this was an incredibly exciting project to work on!

Sara was great to work with and most of all – she was very happy with the process and results!