Books are the new business card.

Having a book helps you establish your expertise, makes you appear credible, sets you apart from your competition, and can bring you new business (if used properly).

Thanks to self publishing services, anyone can write a book and have it professionally printed within weeks.

For this reason many coaches, consultants, service providers, and educators have started using books in their efforts to bring in new business.

If you have, or are planning to have, your own book … I've got a free sales funnel for you to bring in new business!

Why Is A Book A Great Front-End Offer?

Beyond the whole “business card” concept, a book makes a great front-end offer because it's usually a low barrier to entry (less than $10), qualifies leads, educates them on what you do, and it's physical.

Physical products carry more weight (both literally and figuratively) than digital products.

People can actually hold it, feel it, touch it, smell it … and, it takes up space on their desk, coffee table, toilet, etc.

A piece of you will be with them, in their house/office, serving as a constant reminder that you're the guy/gal they want to do business with!

Plus, since it's a physical product, you have to ship it to them. This is a great excuse to get them to give you all of their “real” contact information which allows you to add them to various lists (retargeting, email, text, direct mail, etc.) for continued marketing.

If you're a coach, consultant, service provider, or educator and you're wondering what you should offer to get people in the door, a book is a great place to start.

The Coaching/Consulting “Book” Sales Funnel

Here is an overview of the sales funnel:

Preview Pages: Squeeze Page | Book Offer | OTO #1 | Downsell | OTO #2 | Order Confirmation


Squeeze Page [see page]

The first page in this sales funnel is what's called a Squeeze Page.

It's name is derived from the fact it “squeezes” the contact information out of the visitor.

This is typically accomplished by offering an incentive called a Lead Magnet. [read more about Lead Magnets]

Once you have the individual's contact information, you're able to engage with them to help move them through the funnel.

The Squeeze Page included with this funnel is my top converting squeeze page of all time.

Yes, it's plain, but I constantly test it against prettier pages and it always wins.

Give Away A Part Of The Book …

For your Lead Magnet, you will likely want to give away part of the book because this can help setup the sale of the book itself.

Which part?

A Chapter

If it makes sense to give away a chapter – you can do that, but make sure it's a great one and draws them into the rest of the book!

Unfortunately, giving out a chapter can hinder conversions because people will figure they'll read the free chapter first, then go buy the book. The problem here is they'll never read the free chapter and never buy your book. So, that's something to be mindful of and you may want to test your free chapter against another Lead Magnet.

A Chart/Graph/Table/Story

If applicable, yank out the sexiest chart/graph/table/story you have in your book, shoot a short 3-5 minute explainer video about it, and give that away.

This way, your lead will get a piece of content that's easily consumable and can decide then and there to go and buy your book.

Book Offer [see page]

This is the sales page for your book.

It's setup as a Free + Shipping offer. This means, the individual gets a free book – all they have to do is cover the shipping costs.

Tip: Include the cost of the book in the price of shipping, this way you're breaking even on the book.

The page itself is pretty self-explanatory:

  • Include a picture/video of the book
  • Add some reviews and testimonials, whether video or text
  • Tell them what they'll learn in the book
  • Include a note/bio from the author and/or a little pitch on why you're giving it away for free

Whether you decide to present it as a Free + Shipping offer or not, do your best to keep the total cost under $10.

The Order Bump

On step two of the order form, there's the option for an order bump.

An order bump gives the visitor a chance to add something to their order before they submit their payment information. (and a chance for you to sell something!)

Some great order bumps for books are:

  • An audio version
  • Complementary training/course
  • Coaching call
  • Video exclusive

These bumps typically convert best between $27 and $37.

OTO #1 (One-Time-Offer) [see page]

Yay! Someone purchased your book! Their wallet is now open and they're in buying mode!

OTO stands for One-Time-Offer and it’s essentially a special offer presented to an individual, only one time, which is right now! If they don’t act now, they miss out on this exclusive offer forever. This added element of scarcity increases conversions.

Typically, OTO #1 is your core offer.

This can be the digital course you really want to sell, or one that at least complements the book they just purchased.

OTO #1 could also be a coaching plan or service you offer.

Whatever it is, it's typically the reason you wrote the book in the first place – to sell this particular product/service.

The Video

The video included in the funnel example is just a placeholder. You need to shoot your own video or you can make a text based offer if you’d rather; however, video typically converts better.

The video should only be 3-5 minutes in length and hit on a few key points:

  • Tell them the book they just grabbed is awesome and you'll ship it to them within 24 hours. Reiterate a key benefit or two.
  • Introduce the OTO as a special offer that’s going to make what they just purchased even better.
    • Also, hit on the fact that this offer is not for everyone. It’s only for individuals that have grabbed the Initial Offer.
  • Tell them what the OTO is and how it will benefit them.
  • Tell them to click the “orange” button below to accept the offer.
  • If you offer a guarantee, mention it.
  • Share a review/testimonial or two. Or at least snippets with the key points.
  • Tell them to again click the “orange” button below to accept the offer.

If you hit on all of those points, you’ll easily fill the 3-5 minutes!

Downsell [see page]

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to accept your OTO #1, no matter how awesome it is.

For the people that say “no” to OTO #1, offer them a downsell.

A few downsell ideas include:

  • A payment plan: Offer them the chance to join your course or acquire your services for a few, monthly, installment payments.
  • A bonus: Offer an additional resource, training, coaching call, or service to motivate them to take you up on your offer
  • A discount: Offer a straight up discount on OTO #1.
  • A modified OTO #1: Offer a “stripped down” or modified version of OTO #1. For example, instead of getting all the video tutorials, they'll only get the PDF documents.
  • An entirely different offer: Offer something else, but along the same topic. For example, OTO #1 is about advertising on Facebook, and the downsell is about advertising on Google Adwords. Both offers deal with traffic, but they're different.

OTO #2 [see page]

Whether or not your new customer purchases OTO #1 or the Downsell, they are presented with OTO #2.

OTO #2 is usually one of three things:

  1. A Profit Maximizer – A really expensive course, membership, service, or coaching package. We're looking at the $1,000 range.
  2. Another complementary course or resource – If you don't have a Profit Maximizer to offer, maybe you can offer another product/resource that also complements your book. Even if it's cheaper than OTO #1, that's OK. You can still increase cart order size!
  3. A Continuity Offer – Some form of recurring membership.

Like OTO #1, you probably want to use a 3-5 minute video to sell it. You can follow a similar script as the one outlined above.

Order Confirmation [see page]

The Order Confirmation page is simply that, a page that confirms the individual’s order.

It simply thanks them for their order, breaks it down for them, and tells them how to get in touch, what to expect, and what to do next.

Offer Wall

An Offer Wall is what it sounds like, a wall of offers. Essentially, you’ll display 3-6 more products and/or services with links to them and possibly some exclusive discounts. If your new customer wants to buy more from you, they know where to look!

I didn’t include one of these with the sales funnel I’m giving away. However, it’s relatively simple to add and something you may want to consider doing!

Take Action!

Now is the time for you to make a decision.

Are you going to use a book to explode your business or are you going to keep passing out lame business cards?!

I've given you a sales funnel for free and outlined the entire strategy for it.

All you need to do is execute.

For more training on execution, check out The Sales Funnel Training Vault!