Do you sell high-end services, coaching, or consulting?

If so, there's a funnel to make the client acquisition process as smooth as butter!

I call it the “Get Clients NOW!” funnel; by utilizing proven strategies and tactics in combination with marketing automation and retargeting, you'll have more clients than you know what to do with!

Here's the funnel:

The Get Clients Now Client Acquisition Funnel

This post explains the strategy and tactics behind this funnel in great detail. And, if you need help with the technical side of things, there's over 3.5 hours of step-by-step video instruction.

Pre-Funnel Implementation

Before we can go out and build our funnel, we need to take time to answer some basic, but very important questions like…

  • Who are my customers?
  • What am I going to sell them?

So, let's figure out how to answer these questions!

Who Are My Customers?

It always amazes me how many people skip this step and jump straight into their product or service…

If you don't know who you're trying to reach… how are you going to be able to formulate an offer that fits their needs?

You can't.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Who do you want to work with?
    • Demographics
    • Profession
    • Interests
    • Requirements/Qualifications
  • How much do you want to make each year?
    • Annual Revenue Goal / Cost of Service = # of Clients Needed
      • Can you realistically service that many people?
      • Are there that many people to begin with?
      • Can that many people afford it?

Please think through all of these questions and come up with answers for them as it will help you tremendously in the long run.

Also, if you want more on Customer Avatars, please check out these two articles:

What Am I Going To Sell Them?

In the past, I really struggled with this question…

Since I provide digital marketing services, there's soooo much I can offer – websites, funnels, autoresponders, paid traffic, SEO, etc…

The problem is, when I offer “everything”, people get overwhelmed and can't make a decision. Heck, I get overwhelmed because every job winds up being 100% customized, which makes it incredibly time consuming and nearly impossible to scale.

To save you from the pain I've felt for years, you need to take the time NOW to figure out what you're going to offer.

Productized Services

What you want to offer people is a productized service.

A productized service is a service that includes clearly defined deliverables at a set price.

Some very common ones:

  • Haircut
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Massage
  • Botox
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Fiverr

If you need more, simply Google “productized services examples”.

Productized services create a win-win-win scenario:

  • You don't have to offer quotes or do any sort of negotiation – it is what it is
  • Your client knows exactly what they're getting ahead of time
  • Your life is easier because you know what you have to produce, allowing you the opportunity to develop systems to produce your deliverables faster, cheaper, and at scale.

Productized Services Development

One of the best ways I've found to come up with a productized service is by filling in the blanks for this questions:

I do X, which includes A, B, and C. It costs Y and will be done in Z.

  • X = Name of your service
  • A, B, C, D, E… = Deliverables
  • Y = Cost of Service
  • Z = Timeframe

Example: I build Interest Driven Sales Funnels which includes strategy sessions, marketing automation development, 3 micro sales funnels, and 1 month of Facebook Ads management. It costs $5,000 and will be done in 8 weeks.

Once you have this high-level statement answered, you can break it down into more detail to truly outline the entire offer.

Content Pages/Videos

At this time, you should know who your customers are and what you're going to sell them.

Now, we need to “backwards plan” how to sell it to them.

The Content Pages are the first piece to this plan and their main purpose is to:

  • Pre-qualify and warm your audience
  • Position you as an authority

You will want 3-5 pieces of content to start as this will provide more angles and give you the opportunity to retarget and create automations.

You can produce articles and/or videos.

What Type Of Content?

This should go without saying, but the content you produce here needs to be good. It represents you and your business, so don't take any shortcuts.

The type of content that works best here are:

  • How-to, tips, tricks, hacks, etc. – Quick wins (get people results in advance)
  • Interesting facts/listicles

Try and keep your content 3-5 minutes in length (read time/video), although longer can work well too.

You want your content to go “viral”. Now, I don't mean like 8 million views viral, but viral in the sense that people in the audience your targeting LOVE it and click share, leave comments, etc.

Within your content, you want to place Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to move people toward your Lead Magnet and/or Strategy Call.

Example content titles for my Interest Driven Sales Funnel Service:

  • 3 simple ways to decrease CPA within Facebook ads in only 5 minutes
  • The 3 core funnels every business needs to multiply revenue automatically
  • Snag my top converting autoresponder series and configure it for your business in less than 20 minutes

Lead Magnet / Opt-in Page

As alluded to above, the content will “push” people toward your Lead Magnet / Opt-in / Squeeze page.

By offering a Lead Magnet, you can capture individuals' contact information to begin sending emails, text messages, and phone calls.

Of course, people don't just randomly pass out their contact info, so your Lead Magnet needs to be something people actually want – ie. it needs to be good.

Lead Magnets are typically 1-10 page PDF documents that are mini-guides, checklists, cheat sheets, frameworks, blueprints, flowcharts, etc.

They provide the high level strategy and tactics. (Give away the What and Why; sell the How)

Your Lead Magnet must also pre-sell your offer and your free strategy call.

How To Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

One of the key elements to having a successful Lead Magnet is title.

To ensure you have a great title, follow one of these formulas:

  • How to do [key improvement] in [amount of time] without [main pain point]
    • How to start a new business in 8 weeks without wasting countless hours and blowing $1,000s of dollars
  • X steps to [key improvement] in [amount of time] without [main pain point]
    • 8 steps to doubling your business in 56 days without becoming a full-time digital marketer

The content of your Lead Magnet can follow this flow:

  • Intro / Problem
    • Relate to your prospect
    • Present yourself as an authority… how’d you figure this out?
  • Give The Solution (whatever you promised)
    • Sections and Sub-sections
  • “Pitch” The Free Strategy Session

Lead Magnet Example:

  • Intro / Problem
    • So many guru strategies, spent 2 years floundering, lost everything, had to get a job, kept at it, figured out The Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy, quit my job, livin’ the dream!
  • Give The Solution (whatever you promised)
    • Master ClickFunnels
      • Types of funnels for different products/services
      • Results
    • Master ActiveCampaign
      • Types of automations
      • Fill-in-the-blank series
    • Master Facebook Ads
      • Types of campaigns
      • 3 key strategies for decreasing customer acquisition costs
  • “Pitch” The Free Strategy Session
    • Want to spend an hour with me to develop a customized Interest Driven Sales Funnel Plan for your business? It’s FREE!

The Welcome Page

Here's the deal, most people aren't going to consume your Lead Magnet… which, kinda sucks because you need people to consume it so they know you're the one they want to do business with.

The Welcome Page essentially “forces” people to consume your Lead Magnet!

On this page, you will want to include a video that contains the same information as your Lead Magnet and follows the same flow (intro, solution, pitch).

There is no time limit for this video. Make it as long as it takes to convey your message.

The Free Strategy Call

This is it, the #1 goal of the funnel – get people on the phone with you!

Here's the deal, you don't actually want to call this a “Free Strategy Call” – it's too vague and comes across as “sales call”. No one wants to hop on a sales call with you.

So, on this call, you're going to give the individual something, ie. a deliverable – personalized/customized blueprint/plan/framework/etc.


  • Free sales funnel blueprint to fit YOUR business
  • Free 30 day, metabolic optimization plan that fits YOUR unique body
  • Free, YOUR top 5-10 financial adjustments that will save you the most in retirement

That sounds better than a “free strategy call”, right?

You Have To “Sell” The Free Strategy Call

A lot of people tend to get lazy here.

They think, just because they're giving away this free call and free deliverable that people are going to flock to it… they're not.

It's going to take time out of their day to talk to you, so you need to “sell” this free call just as hard as you would sell something that costs money.

A few things you can do are:

  • List out the features, benefits, and advantages of the deliverable.
  • Share some examples of deliverables you've done in the past.
  • Share testimonials.
  • Up the ante by offering the person $100 if they feel like you've wasted their time on the call.

Be Transparent & Qualify The Individuals

While you're selling the call, make sure you're 100% transparent – why are you giving away this customized plan for free?

Example: I do this to get clients. Now, I’m not going to be a pushy salesman, but I am going to ask you if you want to work together to execute the plan we come up with and I will need a Yes or a No on the call. There are no Maybes/Let Me Think about it… either of those will be considered a No, as I don’t have time to chase down Maybes and I will move onto the next person who IS ready.

Explain how the call will go: We’re going to spend 10 minutes talking about this, 10 on that, 35 on the other thing, and then I’ll ask if you want to work on your plan together.

Finally, clearly outline all the requirements individuals must meet before they schedule a call:

  • Revenue, # employees, home owner, spends $X on marketing already, etc. (whatever YOUR particular requirements are for your offer)
  • List the price of the service you're going to offer them. Make sure they know what it is and can afford it.

On The Call

Someone made it all the way through your funnel.

They've seen your content, requested your Lead Magnet, watched your Welcome Video, and signed up to chat with you… awesome!

Here's how the call can flow:

  • Small talk / discuss how the call is going to go
  • Before-After-Bridge
    • Before: Where are they now? (~10 min)
    • After: Where do they want to go? (~10 min)
      • Why? Why is that important to you? What will that do for you/your family/your business?
    • Bridge: The plan you build together to bring them from the before to the after (~40 min)
      • Create the deliverable together (Screenshare [Zoom])
  • “Judging” them the whole time
    • Do they sound like someone you want to work with?
    • Are they optimistic? Pessimistic?
    • Do they sound like they can afford your offer?
    • If you know someone isn’t a good fit, end the conversation there.
      • But, give them some freebies on the way out to “ease” the pain.
  • Do you want to work together on this plan?

That's it.

At this point, they will say “yes” or “no”.

Marketing Automation

By this point, you should understand the strategy and tactics behind the pages in the funnel. Now it's time to setup some automation to help “pull” people through it!

The key automation is the “post Lead Magnet request” automation.

Basically, you got them to opt-in for your Lead Magnet and now you have to get them to want to schedule a call with you.

This is the automation flow I recommend:

  • Day 1: Lead Magnet Delivery
  • Day 2: Strategy Call
  • Day 3: Content
  • Day 6: Strategy Call
  • Day 9: Content
  • Day 12: Content
  • Day 14: Strategy Call (last chance!)

The content you use is the content you created for the front-end of your funnel. This is why it's a good idea to have 3-5 pieces of content.

Also, I recommend including a P.S. line in your emails that links directly to the Strategy Call page.

How To Write Your Emails

The most important thing here is to be a human talking to another human. Yes! Be yourself.

You don't need to use any crazy copywriting tricks here.

Remember, people are trying to evaluate if they like you or not… so, if you're being all weird, sneaky, or salesy… people aren't going to like that.

That being said, you want to subtly include your qualifications, results, testimonials, etc.

Also, keep your emails short. No more than 5 sentences and link out to more info.


Lead Magnet Delivery


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Strategy Call


Since you’re receiving emails from me, one can assume you’re trying to figure out if this whole sales funnel “thing” is right for you and your business…

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Strategy Call (Last Chance)

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It will be a few months before I’m able to offer this opportunity again.


Easy enough, right?!

You're just keeping in contact with them over a 2 week period, gently (and sometimes, not so gently) urging them to schedule a call with you.

Sending Cold Traffic & Retargeting Warm Traffic

By this time, you should have your funnel and automations ready to rock & roll…

All you need now is traffic!

There are about 8 million ways to drive traffic; however, we're going to discuss it in terms of Facebook Ads because it's pretty simple and it works.

2 Campaigns To Rule Them All

I recommend having 2 different campaigns:

  1. Initial Traffic
  2. Retargeting

The Initial Traffic campaign's main focus is bringing cold traffic into your content pieces, whether that's articles or videos. You should spend about 90% of your budget on this front-end traffic (at least at the start. You may drop it as low as 70% depending on how “viral” it goes).

The Retargeting campaign's main focus is on pulling warm traffic through your funnel. You will likely have two different objectives in this campaign:

  1. Pull people who have seen your content into your Opt-in Page
  2. Pull people who have requested your Lead Magnet into your Strategy Call Page

Ad Copy/Content

Just like the emails, be a human talking to another human, keep it short, include a CTA to more info.


Cold traffic to Content Page (article):

Cold Traffic Facebook Ad Example

Cold traffic video to Opt-In Page:

Cold Traffic Facebook Ad Example 2

Warm traffic to Opt-In Page:

Warm Traffic Facebook Ad Example

Simple enough, right?!

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