How Much Money Are You Missing Out On?

See Calculator Formulas

The Point

Sure. The above calculator is a bit ambiguous and vague; however, it proves my point – the worst thing you can do is NOT have a sales funnel.

It doesn't matter whether your sales funnel sucks or is freakin' awesome … by not having one, you're missing out on “easy” money.

The Sales Funnel Flow

The sales funnel concept is quite simple:

  • Convert a visitor into a lead by collecting contact information
  • Convert the lead into a customer by selling them a product or a service
  • Multiply the lifetime value of a customer by offering complementary and/or “bigger” products and/or services

Pretty simple, right?

Oh yeah … it's also automated.

Then Why Don't You Have One?

I Don't Think It'll Work For My Business


I cannot think of one type of business that couldn't use a sales funnel. Everything from B2B to B2C to Charities to Churches to Education. If you have something to sell – products, services, ideas … anything … and you have an audience to sell them to … you need a sales funnel.

Unsure? Ask me.

It Seems Too Complicated

Fortunately – the concept isn't too complicated: convert visitor to lead, lead to customer, and turn the customer into a repeat customer … mainly with automation – ie. email autoresponders.

There are even many types of blueprints or plans to follow. For example: Ecommerce, Digital Products, and Brick & Mortar.

However, I'll be honest with you – there are a lot of technical steps in creating a sales funnel. You need to understand email marketing, opt-in forms, landing pages, advertising, conversion tracking, and more.

Of course, there are several tools that make these tasks easier like LeadPages and ClickFunnels. However, you still have to learn how to use those tools … so, they are not the “end-all-be-all”. But, they can help.

The good news is that everything can be learned. Heck, I've done it … why can't you?

It Seems Too Expensive

Downright wrong.

A sales funnel is what I like to call a “force multiplier” … forgive my military jargon … it's embedded in my day-to-day lingo.

According to Wikipedia, “A force multiplier refers to a factor that dramatically increases (hence “multiplies”) the effectiveness of an item or group. Some common force multipliers are: Strategy. Technology. Tactics.”

In layman's terms – a sales funnel is going to more than pay for itself.

It's an investment with a great rate of return.

I Don't Have The Time

Yes. If you choose to go at it alone – it's going to take time to learn, understand, figure out, and experience.

But, it'll also be something that can help you for the rest of your life.

Or … of course, there are people that will do the work for you … like us ūüėČ [checkout our sales funnel service].

Or … you can have one of your employees take courses and learn how to do it and they'll be your “sales funnel guy.”

Or … there are other businesses like Crazy Eye Marketing that build sales funnels for clients.

Simply put. Maybe you don't personally have the time do figure it all out yourself; however, since a sales funnel is an investment that will bring you more money … you will¬†have the money to pay someone else to build one for you.

I Don't Know What To Give People

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

People are people.

And … what do people like? Things that help them and things that are entertaining.

How do you apply this to your sales funnel?

Simple, follow the 3 Es: Educate, Entertain, Earn.

Send one email that educates the subscriber on the topic of the product/service you sell.

Send one email that then entertains your subscriber on what you just educated them about.

Send one email¬†that sells (earn) your product/service that “fills the gap” on what you just educated and entertained the subscriber about.

There are videos, testimonials, case studies, podcasts, blogs, pictures, info-graphics …. there's sooooo much stuff. Heck, there's 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day [source].

Surely something out there will educate and/or entertain your subscribers.

Even if it's not your content … but it will help your subscribers … share it.


In Closing

Even a bad sales funnel is better than no sales funnel at all and there are literally zero excuses not to implement a sales funnel for your business.

It's going to more than pay for itself, it's not too complicated and it doesn't take that much time … especially if someone else does it for you,¬†and there's more than enough content to give subscribers. Even if you think you have nothing to share.

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