High leverage activities are activities that have greater results than regular or low leverage activities.

They’re the activities that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your money, time, and relationships.

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Wait, So, What’s A High Leverage Activity?

A high leverage activity is defined by one or both of these parameters:

  • It’s something only you can do
  • Its results are worth a multiple of the energy put into it (ROI)

It’s Something Only You Can Do

Some activities can only be performed by you.

For example, if you’re the brand – you can’t hire someone to be you. Let’s say you run a podcast and you’re the host – only you can host that podcast.

Or, if you’re writing an article about a life experience – only you can write that article.

Or, if you’re meeting people and building relationships – only you can build your relationships – believe it or not, you cannot hire someone to do that for you.

Its Results Are Worth A Multiple Of The Energy Put Into It

Some activities are worth doing more than others.

For example, writing a blog post may take four hours; however, it may be read thousands of times, result in hundreds of leads, and build your authority.

Or, it may take months to build a relationship; however, that relationship may form into a partnership that leads to a revolutionary business.

Or, it can be an automated sales system – where, once it’s setup, it will continue to multiply the lifetime value of your customers.

Then, What Are Low Level Activities?

Low level activities are the exact opposite of high leverage activities:

  • Anyone can do it
  • Energy in is less than or equal to the results

Anyone Can Do It

For example, in the case of a podcast – only you can be the host of your own podcast; however, anyone can edit the podcast, upload the podcast, transcribe the podcast, create artwork for the podcast, etc.

Same with a post – only you can write it, but someone else can edit it, upload it, create artwork for it, etc.

Many chores are low level activities – does it really take YOU to clean the store? Or YOU to run errands? Or YOU to do the landscaping?

No, anyone can do those activities.

Energy In Is Less Than Or Equal To The Results

Providing a service for people tends to be a low leverage activity.

If you’re the only one providing the service, you’ll work X hours for Y dollars.

There are only so many hours in the day and you’re therefore limited by those hours and the amount of money you can make.

Sure, you could charge $300 an hour and work 80 hours per week and you’ll make a 7 figure income; however, you’re still exchanging dollars per hour. It’s going to be hard to pass that 80 hour mark without risking your health and sanity.

What if, you hired two people, took the time to train them (a high leverage activity), and had them producing the same results as you, while only paying them $150 per hour?

You could still charge a client $300 per hour because they would still be getting the same results; however, you’re no longer doing the work. You have two employees, who can do twice the amount of work as yourself, at half the cost – leaving you to go out and do the things only you can do – land big clients.

How To Make Low Leverage Activities Into High Leverage Activities

You will have unavoidable low leverage activities in your life.

Unless you figure out how to teleport, you will have to drive places.

More than likely, you will have to do some low leverage activities like grocery shopping, yard maintenance, waiting in lines, checking your email, etc.

However, many of these low leverage activities require very little focus and concentration which gives you the opportunity to multitask by …

Listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Reading (listening)  is a high leverage activity because it can expand your horizons and make you a much more effective and efficient person.

With audiobooks, all you need is your phone and a set of speakers / headphones.

Now, while driving – you can also be “reading”.

While grocery shopping – you can be devouring the latest content in your industry via a podcast.

Audiobooks and podcasts are amazing because they allow you to transform all those mundane, unavoidable, and low leverage activities into high leverage activities.

How To Figure Out Your High Leverage Activities

By this point in this article, you should know the difference between high leverage and low leverage activities, but, you might not know what YOUR high leverage activities are.

The 80/20 Rule

More than likely you've heard of the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, that states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Essentially, 80% of the results in your business and life, come from only 20% of the tasks that you do.

Let’s take a look at your life – what makes you most happy and healthy?

  • Spending time with family and friends (relationships)
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Mindfulness/Spirituality
  • Eating nutritious foods

Let’s take a look at your business – what activities directly impact your bottom line?

  • If you could only do one activity for your business that directly impacts its bottom line – what would that activity be?
    • Training employees?
    • Systematizing and developing processes for your business?
    • Recording podcasts, writing articles, recording videos?
    • Building relationships and landing big clients?
    • Studying and understanding your industry and making decisions on a path forward?
  • What’s the second most critical activity you do for your business – that no one else can do?
  • The third?
  • That’s it. Those three things are the only things you should focus on. Everything else should be delegated.

The Best High Leverage Activity For Your Business?

The best high leverage activity for your business is one that requires very little manpower, yet is directly responsible for multiplying your bottom line.

The activity I’m speaking of is the design, implementation, and optimization of an automated sales system.

An automated sales system will automatically capture leads, help convert those leads into paying customers, and then turn those customers into lifelong, repeat, customers. Again, all with very little manpower.

It’s also super easy to get started, all you have to do is contact us!