How To Build A Facebook Messenger Bot w/ ManyChat

Take Advantage Of Crazy High Open And CTR Rates With Facebook Messenger!

Facebook Messenger is HOT right now!

You've probably heard of people getting 95%+ open rates on messages… that's 3-4X what you can get on email!

With over 1.2 billion (with a B) active users, your customers are guaranteed to be on Facebook Messenger…

But, there's a problem (isn't there always?!)

You can't possibly do all this Facebook Messenger marketing by yourself or you'd never get anything else done…

Which is why, there are tools like ManyChat to help you automate the process!

ManyChat is a tool that gives you the power to create a Facebook Messenger Bot that interacts with your audience, builds relationships, and sells sell your products and services… all while you're away!

In this course, you will learn, step-by-step, how to build a Facebook Messenger Bot using ManyChat.

You'll learn how to develop advanced flows, sequences, and growth strategies to make the most of your bot!

So, join the course and have your own Facebook Messenger Bot by the end of the day!

What You Will Learn

  • How to build a fully functional Facebook Messenger bot using ManyChat

  • How to create autoresponder sequences and flows to interact with your subscribers

  • Several key tactics for growing your ManyChat list

  • How to connect ManyChat to over 750 other tools via Zapier

Who This Is For

  • Anyone who wants to take advantage of Facebook Messenger's high engagement rates

  • Anyone who wants to automate Facebook Messenger to grow their business

The Requirements

  • ManyChat (free version is fine to start)

  • Optional: Zapier (if you want to connect ManyChat to over 750 other tools)

Curriculum For This Course

Module 1: Introduction

  • An overview of what you're going to learn during the course

Module 2: Basics

  • How to connect ManyChat to your Facebook page and a tour of the ManyChat tool

  • How to use the message editor and take advantage of all the elements (text, image, cards, galleries, etc.)

  • How to build Flows, ie. interactive messages… like a “choose your own adventure” game

  • How to setup a Main Menu so your subscribers always have somewhere to go back to

  • How to setup a Default Reply so people can interact with your business, even when you're away

  • How to setup a Welcome Message that welcomes new subscribers and sets the stage for what's to come

Module 3: Segmentation & Broadcasts

  • How to segment your list with Tags and how to apply said tags based on actions a subscriber has taken

  • How to send Broadcast Messages (one-offs) to specific segments

Module 4: Sequences

  • How to build out Sequences, ie. the autoresponder series that automatically engages with your subscribers again and again

  • How to Add/Remove individuals from Sequences based on their actions

Module 5: Growth Tools

  • What Growth Tools are, how they work, and how to quickly add them to your site

  • How to execute the “Comment Strategy” that creates wildly viral Facebook Posts, grows ManyChat subscribers list, AND grows your email list… this one strategy does it all!

  • How to send Promotional Messages after Facebook's coveted 24 hour window

This Course Is No Longer Offered