How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Ecommerce Store

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Start Converting More Leads Into Customers And Begin Maximizing The Lifetime Value Of Those Customers … Automatically

Email Automation At Its Finest

More than likely you're here because you know that email marketing is incredibly valuable and can greatly increase the revenue of your ecommerce store.

And, you've probably implemented some email marketing tactics already … like adding an optin form to your store where people give you their email address in exchange for a discount.

And, you probably send an email out once a month or so to remind people to come back to your store.

And … you know what … it's a start … but … it can certainly be better, and you know it … which is why you're here.

Imagine …

Imagine having a system that automatically builds a relationship with new subscribers while simultaneously figuring out what they're looking for?

Imagine having a system that automatically recommends complementary products to customers, increasing orders and revenue in the process.

Imagine reminding those that were about to checkout, but for some reason didn't complete their order … to come back and finish. This is called “cart abandonment” and by implementing a simple email series you can increase conversion rates by 300% [source].

Let's pretend …

Let's pretend that your ecommerce store sells products that fit into 3 main categories – men's, women's, and children's.

A man, we'll call him Larry, visits your ecommerce store. He's greeted with a popup optin form that offers him 20% off his first order … and Larry, being a very money conscious individual, pounces on this awesome discount!

Larry then does a bit of browsing … he really wants to use the coupon he just snagged; however, he's only got a few minutes and he ends up leaving your store empty handed.

So sad.

What would you do to bring Larry back?

Option A – Send him a random email a month from now (if you're like most ecommerce stores I've worked with, this is probably what you're doing right now … and it doesn't make sense, does it?)

Or, Option B – Automatically follow up with him a day later by sharing why your ecommerce store is special, why he should buy from you, and by showing him top selling products that he is likely to be interested in based upon his previous actions.

Option B was the right choice … duh!

Yeah, I obviously set that one up … but, that doesn't make it false.

I see it all the time. Ecommerce stores “knowing” that email marketing is powerful and that they “should” do it … however, they're really falling flat.

I even put together a case study called, “Most Ecommerce Stores Suck At Email Marketing.

The results of that study shocked me so much that they motivated me to create this course.

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I really enjoyed going through the course. The instructions are concise, straight to the point and actionable. Thanks Nathan … for your time and efforts!!
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Nice Course!
This course is well designed and really helpful in terms of giving valuable material in small pieces. I really enjoyed it and will definitely put these new perspectives to practice.
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This is the most awesome training course I have been through; Nice attention to detail. Easy to follow. Thank you.
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