How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Small Business

Start Converting More Leads Into Customers And Begin Maximizing The Lifetime Value Of Those Customers … Automatically

No thanks, we're just looking.


Another person that will probably leave your store empty handed.

There are a million and one reason's people give the classic, “We're just looking” reply …

  • They really are “just looking” also-known-as, doing research
  • They have questions, but are too scared or shy to ask
  • They're not ready to buy due to money, timing, etc

Whatever the reason … the problem remains, they're leaving empty handed.

What if …

… you could turn those “just looking” individuals into paying customers?

… you could have less headaches by dealing with better, more knowledgeable customers that you don't have to “convince” of anything and they're actually dying to buy from you?

… all these well behaved, paying customers came back again, and again, and again saving you all of the time, effort, and energy it takes to bring on new customers?

Don't let people leave empty handed

It's that easy.

When you hear the “We're just looking response” reply with “No problem, and we're actually running a contest where you can win a $100 gift card and all you need to do to enter is give me your email address … I can take it right now!”

Who would turn that down? Very, very, few people.

Now, they're leaving with a “chance to win” and you have their contact information which enables you to build a relationship.

Taking it digital

The example above is dealing in the physical world; however, this concept applies in the digital world on a much greater scale.

People visiting your website and leaving without buying anything are the same as those people that are “just looking.”

Again, you don't want to let people leave empty handed. By offering a freebie, commonly referred to as a Lead Magnet, you're able to collect email addresses and build a relationship.

Building the relationship

Remember the reasons people give the “We're just looking” response from above?

Now that you have their contact information, you can begin to address their objections in the emails you send:

  • They're doing research – send comparisons, data, information, case studies, testimonials, results, examples, etc.
  • They have questions, but are scared to ask – send emails asking for questions (people don't want to look dumb and behind the “protection” of a computer they're more comfortable asking questions … you want to make people comfortable), send them frequently asked questions and answers, etc.
  • They're not ready to buy due to money, timing, etc. – send coupons, discounts, exclusive offers and keep in touch, letting them know you're still their to support them.

This relationship converts more leads into customers, creates better, more informed customers, and enables you to open the floodgates for more exchanges.

About The Course

This course contains over 3 hours of step-by-step video tutorials that teach you how to take all of those people that are “just looking” and turn them into paying customers by collecting their contact information and building a long lasting relationship.

6 Step-By-Step Modules (The Course)

  • Module 1: Planning – We walk through planning out your small business sales funnel. Everything from identifying your customer and their problems, to the length of the funnel, to writing emails and subject lines, and beyond!
  • Module 2: Implementation – We walk through how to implement the sales funnel we planned in Module 1 – it's all of the technical “stuff”.
  • Module 3: Optin Forms – We walk through how to setup optin forms (signup forms) in a variety of ways with a variety of different tools. We show you how to add optin forms on your website, Facebook page, and even if you don't have a website at all!
  • Module 4: Pages – We walk through the various types of pages within your sales funnel. Everything from thank you pages, to sales pages, to squeeze pages, to landing pages, and more.
  • Module 5: Optimization – We walk through the concepts and the “how to” involved when it comes to optimizing things like your emails and landing pages.
  • Module 6: Advertising – We walk through setting up some advertising campaigns within Facebook and Google Adwords so you can begin filling your brand new sales funnel with leads.

Technical Support Forums

You will not be alone when you take this course. We are here to answer questions, bounce ideas, and to steer you towards success!


You will need an email autoresponder tool. It would probably be preferable to use MailChimp as it's what I show in the course; however, I don't cover anything super fancy or technical. If you're familiar with any other autoresponder tool (ie. can create emails, series, and lists) you will still be able to follow along with the course.

I did my best to design this course at a more “strategic” level as opposed to purely “tactical/technical”.

The Concept [Video]

The video below does a good job explaining the overall concept of the sales funnel you will learn about in this course.

Note: This video is part of a mini-series, so you may hear me reference other videos – just ignore those references, they're irrelevant to understanding the main concept the video explains.

What People Are Saying

Small Business Sales Funnels Reviews

This course is exactly what I was looking for. It is really well laid out, very very easy to follow, well presented and I like that you can instantly implement each lesson as a step-by-step guide to creating a successful MailChimp automated business response.

Without this course, I would have been totally lost and it would have taken me months and months to achieve what I did in this course if I did it on my own…

Highly recommended.

Jack Long
I wish I could give more stars! Nate shows how to create each part of the sales funnel and gives several examples that are easy to understand. Hands down ~ one of the best classes I have ever taken!
Michaele Downey
Great Course on Sales Funnels
Nate takes you step by step and explains the sales funnel structure from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this class, learned quite a bit and it is really worth taking the class. Thank you Nate!
Dina Jordan

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