How To Build A Top Converting Email Series

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Straight Line Sales Funnel

Are you struggling to convert leads into customers?

You have visitors, but no one is taking any action?

You know you have great products and services; however, no one is clicking the “buy” button.

You may have tried massive discounts, paid advertising, customer loyalty cards, and other special promos to get people to buy … but nothing seems to be working.

The problem is, there's a disconnect between your products and services and how they'll help the visitor ease their pains.

For some reason, people are missing the value of what you have to offer.

This disconnect likely has to do with how your product/service is framed.

Your offer might have all the best features and benefits in the world; however …

… how's it going to fix the problem and ease the pain?

^^ THAT'S what you need to address! ^^

The Good News!

The Problem-Agitate-Solve marketing formula solves this problem and, it's what I teach in this free guide and in this course!

This course walks you step-by-step through all the technical aspects on how to setup a top converting email series that'll address the pains your visitors feel … which will result in more sales!

About The Course

You've likely seen the guide I give away called, “Our Top Converting Email Series” [if not, click here to get it]

In the guide, I explain the Problem-Agitate-Solve formula and include a copy & paste email series.

I make it super simple to get started; I want you to have a sales funnel and to find success. After all, the more interest there is in sales funnels, the better it is for my business.

The point is, the guide teaches you what you need to know about creating a top converting email series; however, it doesn't teach the “how”.

So, if you're comfortable setting up autoresponders on your own … you probably don't need this course unless you're switching over to ActiveCampaign and want to jump start the learning process.

If you're not comfortable with autoresponder tools and all the technical nuances … you'll want to take this course because I walk you step-by-step through it all. I show you where to click, explain why to click, and make sure you're comfortable completing the whole process.

Plus, there are support forums and you can even email me, if you have a question or issue.

Course Details

Upon checkout, you'll receive instant access to the course (9 step-by-step videos | 48:29 of content) and the support forums.

You will need an account with ActiveCampaign. It's the best autoresponder tool I've used and its pricing is superb … plus, they offer a 2-week, no credit card required, free trial … nothing to lose.


I just added a section to the course to show you how to setup your top converting email series in 3 clicks! Yeah, it literally can't be any easier!

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