How To Build A Website For Your Small Business

This course is mainly for two types of people:

  • The beginner that's just getting started online
  • The “it's been a while” individual that may have setup a website years ago and is trying to become re-acquainted with the whole process

The End Goal

By the end of this course you will have a beautiful, mobile friendly website you can be proud of and an established web presence to go along with it.

Established Web Presence?

The Internet is very loud. Everyday thousands of new websites popup and it's very easy to get lost in all the noise.

By connecting your beautiful website to tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google+, Bing Places, Bing Webmaster Tools, social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), and business directories like Yelp and – you give your website (business) a fighting chance to stand out amongst all the noise.

This course shows you how.

About The Course

The course contains over 3.5 hours of video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through the planning and development of your website and corresponding web presence.

8 Step-By-Step Modules (The Course)

  • Module 1: Baseline – We walk through picking out and registering a domain name, setting up hosting, connecting it all together, and the process of establishing your business email address.
  • Module 2: Creation With Responsive Design – We walk through installing WordPress and the beautiful Avada theme. Then we go into detail on site structure, changing colors, fonts, logos, sidebars, adding maps, adding a blog, and social sharing.
  • Module 3: Google – We walk through registering your website with Google's Webmaster Tools which essentially tells Google that “this is your site and they need to pay attention to it.” Plus we walk through Google+ and Google Analytics so you can track your traffic.
  • Module 4: Bing – We walk through listing your business within Bing Places and connecting your website to Bing's Webmaster Tools.
  • Module 5: Social Media – We walk through the setup of social media profiles on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Plus we show you the type of video content you should include on your website.
  • Module 6: Other Listings – We walk through listing your website/business within other online directories like Yelp and YP which will help new customers find your business.
  • Module 7: Marketing Campaigns – We walk through setting up and launching a few types of marketing campaigns within Facebook's advertising platform and with Google Adwords.
  • Module 8: Ecommerce – We walk through installing WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that turns your website into an ecommerce store and we also cover Shopify, a 3rd party ecommerce platform.

Technical Support Forums

You will not be alone when you take this course. We are here to answer questions, bounce ideas, and to steer you towards success!


In order to successfully take this course you will need a couple things:

The course has a section on the Avada WordPress Theme, so it's recommended; however, not required. If you have another theme you'd rather use – that's perfectly OK as most of the overall concepts still apply. All of the web presence content will still apply to your website irregardless of theme.

What People Are Saying

Ratings and Students for Website Course

This is like taking your laptop to your friend's house and listening to him talk. Nate is easy-going, casual, informative, interesting and most of all, helpful. Nate knows what he is doing. In 38 lessons he goes from A-Z about installing Word Press, widgets, social media and more. Just follow his 38 steps to get your site up and running.
Jack Sweeney
The absolute BEST course for business owners
I am prompted to tell everyone how great this course is. This course will save you thousands of dollars; but the most importantly you'll make you a lot of money. Nate was amusing, funny, and captivating with the information he shared. Try it today!!!
Clovis Lobo
Speaks succinctly! Gives up to date modern information and provides a very good overview of all the important things to consider when getting a website started.
Jay Ovens-Henig

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