How To Generate High Quality Leads For Brick & Mortar Businesses With This 2-Step Funnel

Step-By-Step Video Instruction For Building A Lead Generation Machine In 1 Day!

If you own or operate a brick & mortar business and want a flood of high quality leads and new customers…

Or, you want to sell lead generation services to brick & mortar businesses…

This course is for you!

It's going to teach you, step-by-step, how to generate leads for brick & mortar businesses.

Plus, we're giving you the funnel and automation so you will be ready to go in no time!

What You Will Learn

  • How to configure your 2-step lead gen funnel within ClickFunnels (don't worry, they make it incredibly easy!)

  • How to configure your marketing automation tool to automatically send follow up emails and text messages!

  • How to setup your Lead Tracker so that it's updated in real time with new lead contact info, so you can contact them ASAP while they're still hot!

  • How to setup Facebook Ads and Google Adwords with the right tracking, targeting, and ads so you don't waste time & money on stuff that doesn't work!

  • And everything else needed to build your own lead generation machine in 1 day!

Who This Is For

  • This course is specifically designed for local, brick & mortar businesses.

  • For example, gyms & health centers, dentists, chiropractors, masseuses, barbers & hair stylists, real estate agents, restaurants, retail, live events, and beyond!

  • It's also designed for individuals looking to sell lead gen services to small businesses.

The Requirements

  • You'll need ClickFunnels in order to implement your lead generation system. They offer a 14 day free trial, then it's only $97/mo.

  • You may want a Zapier account as well. It starts as a free service, but if you generate enough leads, you'll need a paid account.

Curriculum For This Course

Module 1: Introduction

  • A quick intro of what we're going to cover in the course!

  • The importance of having an established Value Ladder and how it makes your lead generation efforts wildly profitable!

Module 2: ClickFunnels

  • How to setup your ClickFunnels account properly… how to configure your custom domain, setup your SMTP service to send emails, how to remove that obnoxious affiliate badge… everything needed to ensure your ClickFunnels account is 100% ready to go!

  • How to connect your ClickFunnels account to Twilio so you can send text messages with high engagement!

Module 3: The Funnel

  • How to actually add the funnel to your account so you can customize it to your liking!

  • How to use the ClickFunnels' page builder so you can change the colors, images, text, and other details to suit your business!

  • How to setup and configure the automation to your liking! Note: this funnel comes with a 3 email follow up series that you can customize and take advantage of!

  • The funnel comes with 2 squeeze page variations – a “pretty” one and a “simple” one! You will learn how to split test them in order to get the best results!

Module 4: Lead Tracking

  • How to use the Lead Tracker – a Google Sheet that automatically updates every time you get a new lead! This way you can keep track of who you need to follow up with!

  • How to connect your Lead Tracker to a Call Center that will confirm your leads and only send you people that are truly interested! No more wasting time with tire kickers!

Module 5: Facebook Ads

  • How to write great ad copy… learn the difference between the hook vs. the offer and which goes where on your ads!

  • How to properly install your Facebook Pixel and Standard Events so Facebook can auto-optimize your campaigns for the best results!

  • How to setup Custom Audiences that you can use for Retargeting later on!

  • How to properly setup your Initial Ads to turn cold traffic into warm traffic and Leads!

  • How to configure your Retargeting Ads to convert warm traffic into leads and to “remind” your leads to take advantage of you special offer! (kind of like the email follow up series… but, with Facebook Ads so they can't forget about you!)

  • How to upload your Offline Conversions into Facebook so you can truly see how well your campaigns are performing!


  • How to build a Facebook Messenger Bot with ManyChat to capture leads and send follow up messages that have higher engagement than email!

  • How to setup an Adwords Campaign so you can capture more leads by using both Facebook and Google!

  • How to Start A Business selling your new Lead Generation skills! Imagine having dozens of small businesses paying you a monthly retainer for your lead generation efforts?!

You're Also Going To Get…

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you join this course and don't like what you see, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

There's no risk!

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you join this course and don't like what you see, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

The Support

As with most advanced trainings and systems – questions will arise, platforms will be updated, and things will change…

We know this, and you will never be “alone” when you're in one of our training programs!

Premium Support

Have a question? Struggling to make something work?

Ask a question on any lesson and you'll get an answer from the instructor (not some outsourced support team that has no clue what's going on) within 24 hours!

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