How To Increase Leads & Sales On Facebook With The Triple Threat Strategy

Acquire new leads, convert them into customers, and maximize their lifetime value by following this 3 part strategy!


That's who you're putting ads in front of.


Do people like to be sold to?


Even if it's “free”… people aren't randomly going to leap off Facebook to get your stuff…

You have to wine and dine them…

You have to bring them through the customer journey…

Step #1, make people aware.

Aware of the problem. Aware of the solution. Aware of you and your business.

Step #2, help people evaluate the best option.

Give people the info they need in order to make an informed decision.

Step #3, see if those people are ready to buy.

This should be easy if you've correctly performed the first two steps…

Simply make them a great offer.

This natural progression WILL increase conversions…

And, it's EXACTLY what you'll learn in this course!

What You Will Learn

  • How to properly configure your Facebook Tracking Pixel so you're accurately tracking conversions and making use of Facebook's powerful auto-optimization features.

  • How to create Custom Audiences by tracking visitors and uploading email lists, turning those audiences into ultra powerful Lookalike Audiences, and how to properly configure Saved Audiences that focus on “Precise” or “Broad” interests.

  • How to launch killer campaigns, ad sets, and ads following the proven Triple Threat Strategy that'll have you converting more people into leads, more leads into customers, and more customers into repeat buyers in no time!

  • And … a lot more, like retargeting, reporting, optimization, scaling, and beyond!

Who This Is For

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs that want to harness the power of Facebook Ads without breaking the bank or wasting time.

  • Businesses that offer digital products, physical products, coaching, consulting, services, memberships … basically, if your ideal customer is on Facebook, this course will teach you how to reach them.

The Requirements

  • A marketing/advertising budget. It doesn't need to be big … $10-$15/day is enough to start and get the data you need … but, you need to be prepared to spend some money on advertising. After all, it is a course on Facebook ads 😉

  • A computer, the Internet, a Facebook ads account.

Curriculum For This Course

Module 1: Introduction

  • A quick intro of what we're going to cover in the course!

  • How to get setup with a Facebook Business account so you can sync all your properties (Ad Accounts, Pixels, Pages, Instagram Accounts, etc.) in one place!

Module 2: Pixel

  • Learn where to find your Facebook Pixel so you can add it to your website and begin tracking your visitors' actions!

  • How to install the Facebook Pixel on ClickFunnels, WordPress, custom sites, plus other Content Management Systems (CMS) like Shopify!

  • How to configure Standard Events like Lead, Purchase, Add To Cart, Registration, and more! Doing this properly is a requirement if you want Facebook to auto-optimize your campaigns for you!

  • How to setup Custom Conversions. These are perfect for when a Standard Event won't “work” for your situation or you're unable to add the appropriate Standard Event code to your site like with Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and Shopify!

  • Get my custom code snippet that will help you track link and button clicks as conversions! This is a game changer because it allows you to track ALL actions!

  • Discover the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension that makes validating your pixel code a cake walk!

Module 3: Audiences

  • Learn all about Custom Audiences! How to build them by tracking website activity, analyzing Facebook video watch times, uploading a list, and more!

  • How to convert your Custom Audiences into Lookalike Audiencesaudiences that “look like” your leads and customers… to help you increase conversions!

  • How to build Saved Audiences and the Interest Stacking Strategy that'll help you hyper-target your ideal customers!

Module 4: Campaign Structure Overview

  • We take a look at the Facebook Campaign Structure and discuss the Objectives you will most likely use in your advertising efforts!

  • We break down Ad Sets and uncover the options you do and, more importantly, DON'T want to activate!

  • We discuss Ad Creative & Copy… the difference between and Hook and Offer and what goes where! Plus, we share a few resources to help you develop creative that grabs attention!

Module 5: Basic Marketing Strategy

  • It doesn't matter how well you execute the Triple Threat Strategy… without THIS in place, your efforts will fail!

Module 6: The Triple Threat Strategy

  • It's finally time to execute the Triple Threat Strategy!

  • In this module, we walk, step-by-step, through every bit of this flowchart… we setup the Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads together… I show you what to click and what not to click… it's a complete over-the-shoulder training that will leave you feeling confident that you can execute the strategy yourself!

Triple Threat Facebook Ad Launch Plan

Module 7: Scaling

  • If you put $1 in and get $2 out… you'll spend money all day. BUT! When it comes to Facebook Ads, you can't simply increase your budget or it will “break” your campaign! Don't worry, this module will tell you exactly how to scale your marketing efforts in a safe and effective manner!

Module 8: Misc.

  • While you'll manually conduct Split Tests through executing the Triple Threat Strategy, if you want to take advantage of Facebook's built-in split testing functions… you'll be able to after watching this training!

  • We discuss Facebook's Analytics platform… basically, their version of Google Analytics. I'll even show you my favorite feature that helps keep track of how well your funnels are performing!

  • How to setup Dynamic Creatives… self-optimizing ads. There are some pros and cons to these types of ads, but when used correctly, they can tell you which ad will convert the best faster than any other method!

  • How to setup Automated Rules that can help you keep an eye on things and even make adjustments for you!

  • How to execute the Ad Sequencing Strategy! This retargeting strategy will help increase conversions by reducing banner blindness and by introducing scarcity into your ads!

You're Also Going To Get…

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you join this course and don't like what you see, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

There's no risk!

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you join this course and don't like what you see, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

The Support

As with most advanced trainings and systems – questions will arise, platforms will be updated, and things will change…

We know this, and you will never be “alone” when you're in one of our training programs!

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