How To Optimize Your Sales Funnel

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The Sales Funnel Is An Integrated System

Think about your car.

How many parts does it consist of?

In a broad sense, it has some tires, an engine, a few doors, some seats, a steering wheel, etc.

If you go a little deeper into the engine, you'll see its valves, pistons, intercooler, intake pipe, intake manifold, etc.

While you can technically drive your car without doors or seats, it's going to be impossible to drive without an engine, tires, or a steering wheel.

It only takes one minor issue with an engine valve to take your entire car out of commission.

Your sales funnel functions in the same manner.

Your emails are the engine.

Your offers are the tires.

Your pages are the doors.

Your traffic is the fuel.

You need the entire system to work or you'll breakdown.

“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.” – Jeremy Abel, Director of Corporate Marketing, Mannix Marketing

Check it:

Sales Funnel System

While the image above shows the sales funnel in its simplest form, it still shows all the parts and how they're connected.

You have to attract the right people to your funnel or it won't work. Just as you can't put water in an engine, you can't put the wrong people into your funnel.

Once you are attracting the right people, you still have to motivate them to give you their contact information or it'll be nearly impossible to build a long lasting relationship.

Say you get great at collecting contact info. You have the perfect Lead Magnet and people are signing up left and right. You still have to figure out what to send to motivate them into action, make purchases, and stay with you and your business.

“The key is to present the right content to the users at the time they need it in an engaging manner, across all channels they visit.” – Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge

Funny story:

A few years back, when I first got into the Internet Marketing game, I heard the almighty gurus preaching that “you need a list.”

Being new and ignorant, I went after the cheapest people I could find – folks in Ethiopia, Algeria, Azerbaijan … all countries no one ever spends advertising dollars on, except for me.

Low and behold, I apparently had a great Lead Magnet and was attracting leads for less than a penny via Facebook ads.

I was ecstatic!

After all, the gurus also said a subscriber was worth $1 a month.

Even if I got half that, I'd be a very rich man as my ROI would have been about 5,000%!!

I grew my list to about 5,000 before I began promoting offers to them.

You know what? I didn't sell a dang thing.

I had the wrong people in my funnel. The wrong fuel in my engine. Plus, I'm sure my email copy was subpar and didn't help either … but, I digress.

No one from Ethiopia, Algeria, nor Azerbaijan was going to buy anything. Ever.

Lesson learned.

What This Course Teaches

We start with the overall concept of sales funnel optimization:

  • We're talking about A/B testing and how to use statistical significance to make sure you're making the right choices
  • We take a deep dive into the “top down approach” I talked about at the beginning of this page
  • I uncover the core reason your funnel isn't working and how to correct it before it gets out of hand
  • I show you THE key metric to keep an eye on (it's actually the only thing that matters)

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” – David Ogilvy

Then we cover tracking:

  • What you “think” is likely wrong, but we show you how to make sure
  • The various tracking platforms out there – Google Analytics, “in product” tracking, and taking a combined approach
  • We go into the nitty-gritty details on setting up and configuring Google Analtyics:
    • Account setup and how to install the code on your site. I show all the options to check and how to place your code so it collects what you need. (most people just plug in their tracking ID and call it a day … this is WRONG!)
    • I show you how to prevent that obnoxious referrer spam that throws off your tracking and affects your decisions
    • We setup Ecommerce Tracking, if you don't do this … then what are you tracking?!
    • Finally, we talk goals and how to position them at the point of action so you get the data you need
  • I give you my Inbound Link Generator. This tool pin points exactly which traffic source is generating revenue; I know when to scale or cut back
    • Plus, I show you how to build the reports you need to get the most out of it
Report Example

We then enter the realm of Ad Optimization …

  • We get into the importance of tracking both free and paid traffic, and how you should do this
  • We uncover the seemingly endless list of ad variables while going into why this is a good thing and not something that should intimidate you
  • We talk about the “Test Small, Then Scale” ad optimization strategy that'll reframe your thinking and show how successful campaigns are built
  • We cover “in platform” tracking and the use of Auto Optimization while showing you how it sets you up for success
  • Finally, we discuss why you should only stick to 1 or 2 advertising platforms, even if something “better” appears on scene

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ – it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.'” – Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG

The next section covers Pages:

  • Why it's absolutely critical to have just one CTA per page
  • 8 key areas to test and their order of importance. I bet you're thinking #1 is the headline (it's not, it's #3)
  • Why pages are easier to test than ads even though they seem more complex
  • The basic strategy for running split tests on your pages and how to know when you have a clear winner
  • How to use Optimizely to run your split tests no matter what platform your site is built upon

“Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic to a website with a poor customer conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by adding more water instead of plugging the holes.” – Bryan Eisenberg, Call to Action

Finally, we get into Email optimization:

  • Go into the specific elements that make people want to open your emails, read them, and take action
  • How to use my Autoresponder Optimization Tracker to pinpoint weak emails in your series, like so:
Email Optimization Tracker
  • How to run split tests within automations (it's not as intuitive as one might think, but I'll show you the best way I know)
  • How to launch broadcast messages while taking advantage of built-in split testing functionality that'll ensure you send the “right” email to the bulk of your list
  • Setting up affiliate tracking so you know which sources and offers are converting so you can pump more into them and which aren't, so you can take them out back and shoot them

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

At The End Of The Day …

You can continue fumbling around, wondering why stuff isn't working like it should.

Or, you can fast-track your learning, your sales funnel optimization, and ultimately your bottom line.

This course contains 19 modules, almost 2 hours of video tutorials, and 2 handy-dandy tools that'll make link tracking and email optimization a piece o' cake!

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