Stop Banging Your Head On Your Desk!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That's been the sound of my head thudding against my desk on numerous occasions.

See … writing emails can be difficult work, especially when you're not sure how to get started or what to write about.

And … since I don't like headaches … I developed several series of pre-written emails that I go back to when I'm stuck.

I have series for …

  • Welcoming new subscribers to my email list
  • Selling products and services
  • Upselling even more products/services to already paying customers
  • Cart abandonment to gently “remind” people they were about to purchase something from me
  • and Re-engagement to help “re-activate” or delete inactive¬†subscribers

9 Autoresponder Email Series (28 “Fill-In-The-Blank” Emails)

28 Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates

  • Welcome Series – 3 Emails – Deliver your lead magnet to new subscribers and introduce them to you / your business | Set expectations for your list
  • Action Series: Before-After-Bridge – 3 Emails – Sell a product/service
  • Action Series: Problem-Agitate-Solve – 3 Emails – Sell a product/service
  • Action Series: Features-Advantages-Benefits – 3 Emails – Sell a product/service
  • Action Series: Me-Start-Shortcut – 3 Emails – Sell a product/service
  • Upsell Series: Bigger Products – 3 Emails – Sell a “bigger” product/service than the one you just sold
  • Upsell Series: Complementary Products – 3 Emails – Sell complementary products/services for the product/service you just sold
  • Cart Abandonment Series – 3 Emails – Get people that added a product to their shopping cart, but forgot to checkout, to checkout
  • Re-Engagement Series – 4 Emails – “Re-activate” or delete inactive subscribers

You Can Use The Same Series Again And Again

What's really cool about most of these series is that you can use the same ones again, and again, and again.

How? Depending on what product or service you're trying to sell, the content of the emails will change enough to make them unique.

For example, take the Features-Advantages-Benefits Action Series. Product A will have different features, advantages, and benefits than Product B, so all you'll need to do is swap out a few bullets and your emails will be done!

These Can Save Hours Of Your Life!

I'm going to be a pessimist for just a minute.

Let's say these pre-written emails only save you 5 minutes on each email you write and you only use each series once.

5 minutes X 28 emails = 140 minutes or two hours and 20 minutes of your life saved!

And that's taking the most pessimistic view!

Imagine saving 10, 15, or 20 minutes each email and using the same series again, and again, and again … dang.

This Is What One Looks Like

This is Email #1 of the Welcome Series ~

Welcome Series Email 1

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