Now, more than ever, small business owners need help with their digital marketing.

Currently, there are more than 28 million small businesses in the United States and over 295 million worldwide.

According to the Small Business Administration, nearly 30% of businesses fail during their first year, with 50% failing in the first five years, which means…

There are plenty of small business owners that need help!

They need help with…

  1. General Marketing Strategy
  2. Identifying Their Audience
  3. Crafting Brilliant Offers
  4. Developing Sales Funnels To Sell Their Brilliant Offers
  5. Configuring Back-End Automations To Service Customers & Sell More
  6. Driving High Quality Traffic To Their Business

That's a lot!

The best news is, you can help!

By taking the training provided here on Crazy Eye Marketing, you'll learn everything you need to know to help these small business owners grow their business with digital marketing!

Earn Sales Funnel Certifications!

The Interest Driven Sales Funnel Consultant badge is our most prestigious badge!

It's earned by completing the Core courses:

  • ClickFunnels & ActiveCampaign OR Kartra
  • AND Facebook Ads and/or YouTube Ads

Plus, you'll face a 30 minute interview where you'll guide us through your sales funnels, back-end automations, and advertisements. Demonstrating you can build Interest Driven Sales Funnels.

It's not an easy certification to achieve, but earning it will grant you a top spot on our Consultants page, which we send traffic to on a daily basis AND we will personally refer clients to you and your business!

Have you completed all the training needed to apply? Click here.

Individual Course Certifications

Benefits Of Being A Sales Funnel Consultant

  1. We receive at least 10 inquiries a week for services and consulting, which we forward to our certified consultants
  2. We promote our consultants via ads and email marketing efforts
  3. We're your support system should you ever need a helping hand
  4. Establishes credibility for your agency
  5. Grows confidence in your ability to get results for your clients

Become A Sales Funnel Consultant

We do things a little differently here…

You don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get certified…

Our certification program is built into our training platform called The Vault.

Simply take the courses. Learn the skills. Earn the certificates and badges. And then, let us know by filling out the form below!

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Have You Completed A Course? Upload Your Certificate Here!

After submitting your certificate(s), we'll either reach out to you with questions and/or add you to our Consultants page.


While you may display your badges and certifications on your website for as long as you'd like, we reserve the right to remove your business from this page if you cancel your membership or if we receive negative feedback regarding your business practices.