How To Insert Expiring Links Into Your Autoresponder


"Act Now!"

"Limited Time!"

Urgency Increases Conversions

Everyone knows that adding a sense of urgency to your marketing efforts increases conversions.

Adding a sense of urgency based on broad availability is fairly easy: "There's only 3 left in stock!", "The sale ends at midnight!", "The course closes today!", etc.

Many times, this is handled by broadcast emails being manually sent prior to the deadline.

The problem is, what happens when you want to introduce a sense of urgency to products and services to individuals, not just the broad market?

And, how do you do it in an automated fashion?

How do you get the click, now?

Introducing expiring.click!

https://expiring.click is a tool we developed that helps you generate expiring links!

It makes adding a sense of urgency to your automated emails a piece of cake!


Here's an automated email I send to individuals that have requested to try our Facebook Ads course:

Email with Expiring Links

The link titled, "Click here to get the course at the discounted rate" is a special link that expires the day after the individual joins the trial ... basically, giving the subscriber between 24 and 48 hours to click the link in order to get the discounted rate.

If they click the link after the expiration date, they'll receive this message, "Sorry, this link has expired."

If they see that message, you can bet your bottom dollar the next time I send a link and state that it'll expire ... they're going to click ASAP!

How It Works

https://expiring.click works by receiving and processing 2 or 3 parameters. These parameters are:

  • d = date the link is good through. Formatted m/d/Y (ie. 04/20/2017) and can be generated by an autoresponder merge tag (ie. %TODAY+1%)
  • g = good URL (if clicked before expired)
  • e = expired URL (if clicked after expired)
    • This parameter is optional. If no link is specified, the message "Sorry, this link has expired" will be displayed.


  • https://expiring.click/?d=%TODAY+1%&g=https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/deal/
    • This is the link from the example above. As you can see, I'm using the ActiveCampaign merge tag to generate a date that's 1 day after today's date. If the link is clicked on or before %TODAY+1%, the individual will be forwarded to https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/deal/. If the link is clicked after %TODAY+1%, the individual will see the message "Sorry, this link has expired."
  • https://expiring.click/?d=04/21/2017&g=https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/deal/&e=https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/no-deal/
    • If the link is clicked on or before 04/21/2017, the individual will be forwarded to https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/deal/. If the link is clicked after 04/21/2017, the individual will be forwarded to https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/no-deal/

Expiring Link Generator

EDIT: I had a pretty link generator here; however, a theme update broke it and I couldn't put it back.

But, it's no big deal, the one on https://expiring.click still works!

Let Us Know!

Leave a comment if you used https://expiring.click telling us how it went!

  • ddgdaily

    this is so awesome, can't wait to try it out!

  • Bridget Osho

    Hi,, this is great! But does it mean that I can only specify an actual date and time for mailchimp emails? I want the link to expire after 3 days regardless of when the person signs up to the email list.

  • Ramakrishna Reddy

    Hi Nathan - does this work with Aweber?

    • Hi @disqus_hlX7YLdc8E:disqus - it sure does! Expiration dates in Aweber are set with {!date ss+0} where you can change the "0" in order to add days to the current date. For more info on Aweber's date options, check out this page: https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204029906-What-Can-I-Personalize-In-My-Messages-

      • Ramakrishna Reddy

        Thank you for the quick note. I signed up for your LM. went through it.... It is pretty cool. I'm going to implement it....I've one question on PAS formula. do you have any rough numbers on the conversion? I mean if 100 people optin - any rough idea on what kind of conversion is average?..For example, I have a tripwire offer for ebook($3) + audiobook($6) of my amazon bestselling book for $3

        • Good deal - it should work well for your particular setup! The results can vary quite a bit - mainly depending on the offer. If people want what you have then I've seen around 7% on a $7 trip wire. I've also had around 4% on a $27 offer. However, I've also had it bomb (<.5%) on $1 offers, at least initially. So, it can really depend. If it's bombing, try and re-frame your offer - speak to a different market (a different problem), highlight some different benefits, etc. I hope that helps!

          • Ramakrishna Reddy

            It helps.. I'm starting my FB ads now. I kind off went of my own rules during my first campaign 1) did single optin (because of this had only 50% rates for download email) 2) showed tripwire offer once subscriber opted in...it was more salesy...
            I am going to change both now... had thank you page and download page.. give link to sales page from download page.... and follow your sequence... i'm re-wrote sales page once again... I'm gonna try now... will keep you posted with results... And also, wanted to check your quote if you can help me create a sales page that converts! please let me know your email id...

          • Awesome, I hope it starts picking up steam for you! If you'd like to send me an email, you can do so through this form: https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/contact-us/ - it'll come straight to me.

  • Hi @CrazyEyeMarketing:disqus This looks fantastic! Only catch... I use Convert Kit for sending emails. Do you think this will be compatible?

    • Hi @disqus_8onsLaIFXR:disqus - If Convert Kit has a way to insert dynamic dates via a merge or personalization tag like %TODAY% or %TODAY+1% - then yes, it should work. I did a quick Google search and didn't find anything that said Convert Kit was capable of this; however, there may still be some sort of date options in the backend.

  • Hi, Nathan! I'm using ActiveCampaign. If I have a five-day email sequence (Mon-Fri) and a Friday deadline... The links in the Monday email should be %TODAY+4%, the links in the Tuesday email %TODAY+3%, etc.? I guess the value of TODAY is determined by when I send the email, not when the recipient opens it, correct?

    • Hi Thomas - you are correct in your thinking on all accounts. The %TODAY+#% all look right to me and the date is based on when you send the email.

  • Paul Morana

    Hey there, I'm noticing that links from the previous year are directing to the active page rather than the expired page. i.e. ?d=12/31/2016 will currently direct to the 'g' link instead of the 'e' link. Can you please look into how the system calculates dates?

    • Hi Paul, I see your problem here, unfortunately - I lack the PHP skills to fix it. I'm more than happy to share to source code with you if that would be helpful, but I'm unable to fix this problem as it is right now.

      • Paul Morana

        I also lack those skills. This might be something you could throw on http://stackoverflow.com/ and get a specific answer.

        • Good call on that @paul_morana:disqus! I posted my problem there, within 2 hours I was provided a solution that appears to work! Please test it out and let me know.

          • Paul Morana

            Looks like it works! Nice job with this.

  • Jay Patel

    This is a great little trick. It would be awesome if you can have something that allows you to generate pre-signed URLs for Amazon S3. This can forgo a need for hiding the URL.

    How will it work?
    --The php script will reside on my webpage - say is it is called http:/mydomain.com/expiring.php
    --From any automation workflow the user supplies - Amazon URL, Number of Seconds to expiration. So the link to supply would be - http://mydomain.com/expiring.php?url=&expiration-time=
    --The script will redirect the the users to Amazon's presigned URL.

    A php script or a plugin for wordpress sites would be phenomenal and would provide a more secure access to downloadable content.

  • Mike

    Hi Nathan,
    This is very cool. I am trying to use it with GetResponse. Do you have any experience getting this to work with them? I am having trouble. Thanks!

  • Wow this is an awesome resource. My question though is what if you are running evergreen campaigns? Does this work for them....

    • Hi Kim, glad you like it! And, yes - it can work with evergreen campaigns as long as your autoresponder tool supports "dynamic dates". For example, in ActiveCampaign, you can assign dates with this merge tag %TODAY+X%.

      So, Email 1 could be %TODAY+3% ... sets expiration date for 16JUL2017.
      Email 2 goes out 24 hours after email 1, so, you'd use %TODAY+2% to set the same expiration date of 16JUL2017.
      Then, email 3 goes out 24 hours after email 2, so you'd use %TODAY+1% to set the same expiration date of 16JUL2017.

      That's how you would use the tool for an evergreen campaign because the date would adjust based on when the individual receives the email.

      • Hits cartwheel and backflip like right now! Dude this is soooooo goldennnnn! Can't wait to try it out and yeppp I do use Active Campaign. Thanks a milli for creating this 🙂

      • Sooo im trying to use this with a teachable course and offer a 20% off for the course for a few days only...but when I add the link to the discounted offer, it's not working for some reason. Not sure why....

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