You may have noticed over the last few weeks that we added a Shop and started to fill it with things.

It's been a slow trickle; however, today is the day!

Today's Our Shop's Grand Opening!

Of course, it wouldn't be much of a grand opening without an extremely awesome sale … would it?

So, until 1 October 2015 you can buy the store for $10.

Click this link to get this limited time offer.

This offer has expired; however, you can still grab the templates here. (the price is a bit higher; however, we've added several more templates!)

What's In Our Store?

Did I jump the gun earlier? My bad.

You probably want to know what's actually in our store … right?

We're selling Autoresponder Series Templates.

What's that?

It's probably best to start with a quick example and then I'll explain.

Welcome Series Email 1

Ok – back to the question of, “What is an Autoresponder Series Template?”

Simply put, it's a “fill-in-the-blank” series of emails that you plug into your email autoresponder service like ActiveCampaign.

The series are typically 3 to 4 emails long and they aim to achieve a certain goal.

For example, the sample above shows the 1st email in the Welcome Series 1 package. Its goal is to welcome people to your email list and work on segmenting those individuals.

Types Of Autoresponder Series

Welcome Series

The Welcome Series … get this … welcomes individuals to your email list and your business. It delivers the lead magnet, sets expectations, introduces your business, builds that initial relationship, and helps to segment your list based on interests.

Action Series

Action Series follow proven formulas that spur action. “Action” typically refers to a purchase – these are sales scripts. You use these when you're trying to make a sale.

Upsell Series

An Upsell Series is used after an individual makes a purchase in order to sell complementary products and/or services.

Cart Abandonment Series

A Cart Abandonment Series is used to help persuade individuals who have added a product to their cart, but didn't checkout – to checkout.

Re-Engagement Series

A Re-Engagement Series is used when a subscriber has not done anything (opened, clicked, read, etc) within the last 30-60 days. It helps to either “re-activate” or delete inactive subscribers.

Why Buy Autoresponder Series Templates?

Time baby, time.

And time = money.

Oh, and to keep from getting a headache.

Writing emails for an autoresponder sucks, plain and simple.

You can sit there for hours trying to figure out what to say, how you're going to map them out, and how to actually implement them.

Or, you can spend $6 on a 3 email series, or $24 (or $10 for the grand opening sale) on 8 email series (approximately 25 emails) … that's less than $1 per email.

Let me repeat that, $1 per email.

Even if, by some miraculous way, you can crank out 6 emails in an hour … you're still valuing your time at less than $6 an hour.

You're worth more than that.

Save time, money, and keep from getting a headache by using something that's already there … ready for you to take advantage of.

Click this link to go to the shop with the limited time offer.

Autoresponder Series Blueprints

Another reason why our autoresponder series templates will help your business grow are because we give you the blueprints for how to most effectively implement them.

Here's our most recent blueprint for eCommerce:

Email Marketing Strategy for eCommerce - sized

From there, it's pretty much just drag and drop!

Easy peasy.

Grand Opening Sale Ends 1 October 2015!

There you have it!

Hopefully I've addressed any questions or concerns in this article, if not, leave a comment below.

Otherwise, here's the link to the Grand Opening Super Awesome Mega Sale!

This offer has expired; however, you can still grab the templates here. (the price is a bit higher; however, we've added several more templates!)