This isn't the easiest question to answer.

What you “should” send to your subscribers “should” bring them closer to the action you want them to take; however, that action “should” align with their goals.

For example, if I have a course on sales funnel development (which I do) that I want my subscribers to purchase, I “should” send emails that handle objections and create a desire for my course. However, if the subscriber's goal isn't to increase the value of their customer … then they're misaligned and the whole system is a moot point.

How To “Cure” Moot Points

As small businesses, we need our marketing efforts to count.

We can't willy nilly advertise and send emails to people that don't care about what we have to say.

We need to send email people actually want.

But how?

By gauging interest and then digging deeper into those interests!

We'll do this by sending “feeler” emails about topics our audience may be interested in. Then, once interest is shown – we'll begin to send more relevant information to the subscriber … giving them content they want to see, further building the relationship and driving more action.

Back to my sales funnel course – instead of sending everyone emails about sales funnels, I could send a “feeler” email with links to articles about social media marketing, website design, and sales funnels. Three uniquely different topics. Those that click on the sales funnel link would then be moved to my “interested in sales funnels” segment where I would begin to handle objections and create desire for my course.

Those that clicked on social media marketing or website design would learn more about those respective topics.

Finally, those that showed no interest would be sent more “feeler” emails.

3 E Emails aka “Feeler” Emails

It's about time I begin to address what these “feeler” emails are all about!

The best way to send “feeler” emails is by following the 3 E concept where your emails either …

  • Entertain – Builds and maintains a relationship. The type of emails you'd send to a friend. Interesting/funny articles, videos, etc.
  • Educate – Helps the subscriber solve a problem. Helps promote you as an authority on the topic. Tutorials, reviews, guides, etc.
  • Earn – Makes you money. Cause the subscriber to take an action (ie. purchase). Sales, promotions, etc.

That's not to say emails can't do more than one “E” at the same time. They're simply something to think about before you click the send button.

If the email you're about to send isn't going to do any of the 3 Es, re-evaluate.

How They Work

You send out an email that contains links to various interests and you track what link the individual clicks. From there, you can gauge what the subscriber is interested in and can send more relevant information to them.

I think some examples will help …


The “Subtle” Method

3 links to uniquely different content that's educational/entertaining and can gauge interest.

Hey there!

I noticed that you're new around here and I wanted to make sure you saw our most liked posts!



The “Subtle” Method Example #2

You don't have to list out 3 random posts in an attempt to gauge interest like the example above. Your email can focus on one sole interest … for example the one below talks about sales funnels and links to a video that I don't even own! However, if my subscriber clicks on the link, I'll now know they're interested in sales funnels and are familiar with Russel Brunson and ClickFunnels (which I'm an affiliate for and can attempt to sell).

Hi there!

I just finished watching Russel Brunson's webinar on Sales Funnel Development and I really found the points he made about funnel optimization to be eye opening … so, I thought I'd share the video with you!

Let me know if you find it eye opening!


Promotion Example

An “Earn” email where if they click the link, I'll know they're interested in sales funnels.

Hey there!

I just wanted to let you know that we're running a 50% off sale on our Sales Funnel course!

Click here to checkout our sales funnel course!


2 Birds, 1 Stone

As you can tell from the examples above – this isn't a difficult task.

They don't have to be super long or involved emails … you're simply linking to entertaining and/or educational and/or promotional (earn) type content that both builds/maintains the relationship and helps gauge interest.

Follow Up

Now that you can tell what type of content interests that particular subscriber, you can follow up with relevant content that handles objections and builds desire for whatever product or service you're trying to sell.