How To Create A Membership Site

There are two types of people that need this course:

  • Those that want to build the holy grail – recurring revenue.
  • Those that want to build private membership portals – either paid or free.

The Holy Grail

As a marketer and business owner you know that generating recurring revenue is one of the best business models you can implement.

It's a simple concept that's reliable, consistent, and predictable.

If you have 100 people paying $100 a month, you have a $10,000 per month business.

Private Membership Portals

Of course, recurring revenue is not the only reason to want a membership portal.

Digital Asset Delivery

A membership portal can be used to deliver digital assets.

For example, here at Crazy Eye Marketing we use our membership portal to deliver courses and resources. There's no recurring revenue, just one-time payments for whichever product the customer chooses.

Having the membership portal allows people to login and access their purchases whenever they desire.

Client/Customer/Employee/Resident Portals

Beyond the scope of “digital” comes “real life” scenarios.

For example, we've built private membership portals for personal trainers so they could accept recurring payments from clients, add exercise and diet plans, and communicate directly with their clients – all through the portal.

Another example is a membership portal we created for an apartment complex which allowed their residents to login to pay their bill, submit work order requests, and see the upcoming events within the community.

About The Course

The course contains over 90 minutes of video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through the planning and development of your membership portal.

7 Step-By-Step Modules (The Course)

  • Module 1: Getting Started – We walk through the overall flow of the course, the tools we'll be using and how to install them, as well as covering how to set up a payment processor like PayPal.
  • Module 2: Planning – We walk through the absolutely critical step of planning your membership site. It's a lot easier to take the time and figure out what you want your membership site to accomplish than it is to build it and change it later.
  • Module 3: Setup Restrictions – We walk through restricting content to certain members, whether free or paid. We also walk through setting up private forums and recurring subscriptions. (The holy grail!)
  • Module 4: Membership Options – We walk through assigning certain restrictions to certain members and creating signup forms.
  • Module 5: Capabilities – We walk through capabilities which are essentially “advanced” restrictions. For example, you may have a membership setup where your members can view most of the content; however, you may have an upsell within the membership portal that cost extra to unlock – this would be accomplished via capabilities.
  • Module 6: Tidy – Before going live, you'll want to check and test a few features. In this module we walk through what to double check.
  • Module 7: Special Options – We walk through a few other features like One-Time-Offers (OTO), mailing list integration, JVZoo integration, dripping content, and protecting & hosting your files on Amazon S3.

Plus, we cover various other aspects to make your membership site flow smoothly!

Technical Support Forums

You will not be alone when you take this course. We are here to answer questions, bounce ideas, and to steer you towards success!


In order to successfully take this course you will need a couple things:

  • A website that's running WordPress. (Need help with this? Checkout our course!)
  • The s2Member WordPress plugin. There are two versions:
    • Free: I have not used this; however, I believe you can accomplish about 90% of the course with the free version.
    • Pro: What I use in the course and well worth the price. (Save 10% with coupon code SAVE10-A:3382)

What People Are Saying

Membership Site Reviews

This is a very difficult plug-in because of the many options, choices and detail in it. I went to, read the features and knew I needed this plugin for my membership site. But, I also knew I didn't have a clue about using it. So, I signed up for the course. Nate does an excellent job of handling each lecture with an easy-going logical explanation. Of course, if you get bogged down, you can always replay that portion for a second chance to learn. And I did this often to be sure I understood what Nate was teaching. S2Member may not be needed by everyone. But, if you do need it, this is the course to take, to learn it all.
Jack Sweeney
This course explains clearly how to have a membership site. It was very useful for me.
Eiter Otávio Guand
It gets slightly technical near the end, but if you pay attention, it is clearly worth it and easy to understand.
Neji Hyuga

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