The Tools We Use To Build Our Sales Funnels

All of the tools, services, and resources listed below are used by Crazy Eye Marketing to build our own personal sales funnels.

Note: Sometimes our clients prefer us to use other tools than what you see listed below – which is fine, we use what our clients are comfortable with. Having said that, we’ve had our hands on quite a few tools; however, if given full control – the tools listed below are the ones we would choose.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. As previously stated, we both use and love these tools and stand behind our recommendations 100% and would recommend them with or without the commission.

Web Hosting


StableHost – The best hosting for smaller sites. It’s an excellent service that’s well priced with superior support. It’s the service I recommend most. Use coupon code CrazyEyeMarketing for 40% off your order!


A2 Hosting – The best hosting for bigger sites. When a site outgrows StableHost I recommend the VPS service from A2 Hosting. This is the same service Crazy Eye Marketing is hosted on!

Amazon CloudFront – A great Content Delivery Network (CDN) that speeds up content delivery and is a “pay for what you use” service.

Domain Registration


NameCheap – Easy to use. Great price. Lots of features. And there are always coupons available at http://www.namecheapcoupons.com/

Email Marketing


ActiveCampaign – A little bit newer than many of the “big” name email autoresponder tools out there; however, that’s a good thing because it’s been built with the latest technology and features in mind. Get the same functions and features as a $300/mo service at 1/6th the price. I can’t say enough great stuff about this tool!

WordPress Theme

Avada Theme

Avada Premium WordPress Theme – I’ve used A LOT of premium WordPress themes from Thesis to Genesis to WooThemes and everything in between. Avada has been the easiest, prettiest, and most versatile theme I’ve come across.



ClickFunnels – OMG, ClickFunnels is hands down the best tool for building Micro Sales Funnels on the market. If you're looking to build sales funnels in a few hours as opposed to weeks or even months, you need to check out ClickFunnels.

Forms / Opt-ins

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms – My favorite WordPress plugin ever. Create beautiful forms that connect to hundreds of services like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Dropbox, Freshbooks, Agile CRM, and more! Create polls, surveys, and user registration forms. The possibilities with this plugin are seemingly endless.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads – THE ultimate opt-in form plugin for WordPress users. Create opt-in forms in minutes. Easily build lightbox opt-ins, exit popups, slide-ins, full page forms, split tests, and more. An incredibly solid tool for a great price. I use it on all of my sites.


OptinMonster – Very similar to Thrive Leads except that it works on ALL types of websites from WordPress to Shopify to Custom Coded.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics – It's free. It's powerful. It plays nicely with many other tools like WordPress and ActiveCampaign. What's not to like?!

Membership & Training


OptimizeMember – OptimizeMember comes with OptimizePress, which is a landing page builder. While I don't use the landing page builder, the membership platform is solid and integrates nicely with multiple shopping cart platforms like ThriveCart and SamCart.

Payment Processors


Stripe – Accept credit cards directly on your site. Very low fees, lots of integrations, subscription services, and more. We use Stripe on all of our sites!


ThriveCart – A new shopping cart platform that I am a beta user for. There are still a few kinks in it; however, it's currently handling all orders on Crazy Eye Marketing! It integrates nicely with Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and a several membership platforms to include OptimizeMember.

Backend Management / Planning


Trello – The best project management tool I’ve ever come across … and the free version will probably suit most needs! It’s real easy to coordinate with team members, add files from Google Drive and Dropbox, add notes, and more!

Google Apps

Google Apps – Handles pretty much everything from email to file sharing to scheduling to video chatting … everything. It’s Google.

  • Kristi Brown

    Since Stripe is just a processor, not a cart, what do you use on the front end?

    • Hi Kristi - great question!

      Depending on the scenario/situation I normally use Gravity Forms for services, s2Member for digital product delivery / membership portals, and WooCommerce for Ecommerce.

      Those three tools interact nicely with Stripe and seem to cover most bases with regards to the front end.

      • this is a great response. im looking for a ActiveCampaign + Stripe solution.. do you recommend any tutorials / videos on integrating these with Gravity Forms? Cheers.

        • Hi @leadify:disqus - I don't really know of any training on that specifically; however, the Gravity Forums to AC and Stripe connections are fairly simple ... it's the setup I use. If you have any specific questions or anything, please feel free to use the Contact form (https://www.crazyeyemarketing.com/contact-us/) and I'll try and help ya!

          • Thanks Nathan, I'm getting closer to finding a solution.. i've just stumbled across MoonClerk (via Barry Moore aka The Active Marketer) and liking what I see. I think will be a good fit my site leadify.co - thanks for the offer of help. Good to connect!

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