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8 Steps To10x Your Business In 90  Days!

Build Micro Sales Funnels, Develop Automations, and Send High Quality Traffic

8 Steps To 10x Your Business In 90 Days!

Build Micro Sales Funnels, Develop Automations, and Send High Quality Traffic

Step 0 – Are You REALLY Ready?


I like to think of this as a self-guided, group coaching program – meaning, you go at your own pace, but you share your progress with us and others and we'll offer support, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, etc. all in an effort to have you develop the best Interest Driven Sales Funnel possible!

Every week (or, however quickly you progress) there's a list of tasks you need to perform.

The tasks involve reading, watching, and doing. You can expect to put in 90 minutes a day (if you want to do it in 8 weeks).

The good news is, once you're “done” – you've been through the training and you know what you're doing, you can scale back the time investment and simply grow and optimize it at your own pace!

Please make the commitment to yourself and your business to spend the 90 minutes a day!

Here's a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Overview and Customer Avatar
  2. Offer Development
  3. Micro Sales Funnels & ClickFunnels/Kartra Mastery
  4. Micro Sales Funnel Building
  5. Marketing Automation & ActiveCampaign/Kartra Mastery
  6. Top Of Funnel Content Development
  7. Traffic & Facebook Ads Mastery
  8. Secret!

As you can tell, it's pretty intense. The goal is to have you become a MASTER of one of The Ultimate Marketing Stacks:


When you know how to use the tools in one of these stacks, you will be unstoppable. I promise you that.

Which Marketing Stack Should You Choose?

Please read this blog post to help you decide.

Step 1 – Overview and Customer Avatar

Welcome to Step 1!

The goal of this step is to understand The Interest Driven Sales Funnel concept through and through while also defining your customer.

Whether you already have a business or you’re starting a new one, it’s important to take the time to build your foundation. So, please, don’t skip any of this training!

Your tasks are as follows:

  1. Watch this training. You don’t have to take any action, just watch and absorb.
  2. Take the High Level Digital Marketing Strategy Training and/or Read The Book
  3. Read The Sales Funnel Book v2.0

Ok, so that’s it on the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy!

Now, we gotta talk about your audience/customers. (even if you have a business and know who your customers are, take some time to re-think about them as it will prove invaluable as you move forward!)

Too many people jump straight into finding a product, then they’re like “how do I sell this?!?!”

Kind of a silly question, right?

The flow should be: I have customer X. He has Y pain. Z product solves that pain. Now I just have to get Z product in front of customer X and show him how it will cure Y pain.

Too easy.

Here are your tasks:

  1. Watch this video regarding Customer Avatars.
  2. Watch this 2nd video about Customer Avatars


  1. Watch this video about Customer Avatars if you want to take a “short cut”

Step 2 – Offer Development

Welcome to Step 2!

By now you should have an idea of what an Interest Driven Sales Funnel is…

If the phrases “Main Series” and “Micro Sales Funnel” are foreign to you… please, go back to Step 1.

You should also have a good idea of who your customers are. Their demographic info as well as their pains, problems, hopes, and dreams!

Assuming you’ve done all of that…

Let’s talk about your products, services, and offers… what are you going to sell these people?!

  • If you already have a business, you probably have plenty to choose from, so that’s great!
  • If you don’t have a business, you need some stuff to sell. If you don’t have any ideas of what you can sell… read this article. Also, you can take this training for more info on Drop Shipping or this one for more info on creating digital products quickly.

While thinking about what you’re going to sell… keep the idea of the Value Ladder in the back of your mind and try to fill a couple tiers. (if you can’t come up with tiered products/services – that’s OK. It’s something to shoot for as you scale)

Task list:

1 – Come up with 3 products or services to sell.
If you have a business, pick your top 3 selling products and/or services (please don’t pick something that doesn’t sell… if you can’t sell it normally, you won’t be able to sell it when it’s a Micro Sales Funnel either. Let’s get some quick wins, OK!?)

If you don’t have a business, do your best to come up with 3 products you believe will sell. You gotta start somewhere.

Remember, keep the Value Ladder in mind!

Got 3 products and/or services in mind? Good!

2 – Offeratize your products and/or services
Yeah, I made up that word, “offeratize”; however, it’s defined as – “to turn one’s products and/or services into irresistible offers.”

Your products and services are NOT offers…

While an offer includes a product/service and its features, benefits, and advantages… it also includes all the other bells and whistles: money back guarantees, bonuses, pricing terms (payment plans), risk reversal (how are you going to ensure they don’t waste time, money, etc. this includes your money back guarantee) and so on. I recommend listening to Todd Brown’s “The Marketer’s Mind” episode 20 for this, click here for it.

UPDATE: Please follow this post for crafting irresistible offers!

Now take the time to offeratize your products and/or services!

Step 3 – Micro Sales Funnel Mastery

Welcome to Step 3!

By now you should know who your customers are, what 3 products/services (and more importantly, offers) you’re going to sell them, and hopefully they span a couple tiers of your Value Ladder (if not, it’s OK, something to strive for as you add more offers and build more Micro Sales Funnels)

If that sounds like gobbledygook, please go back to Steps 1 & 2!

This step is a fun one!

You’re going to sketch out the 3 Micro Sales Funnels you’re going to build!

Speaking of that, what type of Micro Sales Funnels should you build for your particular offers? This post explains.

Task List:

  1. Figure out the 3 Micro sales funnels and what models you’re going to build. (read this blog post)
  2. Sketch them out. It can be done with a pad of paper and a pen, draw.io, or any other tool you wish. They don’t have to be fancy, just looking for the “flow” of the Micro sales funnels.
  3. Take either the ClickFunnels course or the Kartra course. Get your account setup, mess around with the page builder, just have some fun!

Step 4 – Micro Sales Funnel Building

Welcome to Step 4!

You have 1 core task… build your 3 Micro Sales Funnels!

That’s it!

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into doing this. You have to…

  • Design your pages and/or import shared funnels
  • Write copy, develop images, shoot videos, plan a webinar, etc.
  • Connect everything together (domains, page paths, payment processors, etc)
  • In some cases, you may even need to produce products and maybe a Lead Magnet or two. (Need help with lead magnets? Click Here)

So, you have your work cutout for you… but, you can do it because you’re incredible!

Step 5 – Marketing Automation Mastery

Welcome to Step 5!

By now you should have 3 Micro Sales Funnels! (if not, please go back to Step 4!)

During this step, you’re going to connect everything together with Marketing Automation!

Task List:

It’s a lot, I know, but you can do it!

Step 6 – Top Of Funnel Content Development

Welcome to Step 6!

By now, you should have 3 Micro Sales Funnels all connected with Marketing Automation. If not, please return to Steps 4 and 5, respectively.

This step is kind of different…

During this step, your goal is to produce at least 3 pieces of “viral” content (video and/or article).

The type of content that works best here are:

  • How-to, tips, tricks, hacks, etc. – Quick wins (get people results in advance)
  • Interesting facts/listicles

Try and keep your content 3-5 minutes in length (read time/video), although longer can work well too.

You want your content to go “viral”. Now, I don’t mean like 8 million views viral, but viral in the sense that people in the audience your targeting LOVE it and click share, leave comments, etc.

Within your content, you want to place Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to move people toward your sales funnel. (3 pieces of content, 3 funnels, right?!)

Task List:

  1. Make 3 pieces of content that has the potential to go “viral”. (Note: most of your content won’t go “viral” – it’s OK, you can always make more.)

Here are a few blog posts I use for my “viral” content:

Step 7 – Traffic Mastery

Welcome to Step 7!

By now, you should have 3 pieces of content, whether blog posts or videos. If not, please re-visit Step 7.

This step is exciting because you’re finally going to start driving traffic to your funnels!

Task List:

  1. Take the Facebook Ads course and/or YouTube Ads course
    1. Which one do I recommend first? Facebook Ads because I find it easier to generate positive results with it compared to YouTube.
  2. Create an “Acquisition” campaign that brings cold traffic to your “viral” content. Whether it’s video that you upload to Facebook or blog posts. You should have 3 ad sets in this campaign, 1 for each piece of content.
  3. Create a “Direct” campaign that brings cold traffic directly to the first page of your funnels. You should have 3 ad sets in this campaign, 1 for each funnel.
  4. Create a “Retargeting” campaign that brings warm traffic (anyone that consumes your “viral” content and/or lands on your funnel pages, but doesn’t take action) back to your funnels. This retargeting campaign should also be used to “pull” people through your funnels.
    1. Bonus: Take the Google Adwords Retargeting mini-course and supercharge your retargeting efforts!

Step 8 – It Never Ends…


At this time, you should have a fully functioning Interest Driven Sales Funnel complete with…

  • 3 Micro Sales Funnels
  • 10+ Email Main Series + Inter-Funnel Automations
  • 3 Ad Campaigns, 9 Ad Sets, and likely 9ish (may be a few more) top performing ads!


Of course, the journey is not over…

Now comes the time of expansion, testing, tweaking, and optimization…

You should continuously produce new Micro Sales Funnels…

Add more emails to your Main Series…

Launch more ad campaigns…

All while focused on making a highly optimized system!

Speaking of optimization, here’s some training on it!

Alrighty, it’s been fun!

Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch!


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